Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I got a letter in the mail from Ahren today! He has been assigned to Platoon 3116, Company M, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, which has 70 recruits. The senior drill instructor is Sgt Bennett. Graduation date is December 19, 2008.
You can only mail First Class or Priority Mail. Do not send: Candy or any other edible items. Tobacco products. Alcohol, drugs. Pornographic material. Weapons or ammunition. Gambling devices (playing cards, dice, etc). Radios, phones or cameras. Flammable materials (lighters, matches, fireworks, etc). Letters and small packages are the only authorized mail due to the limited space.
Write to:
RCT Miller, Ahren P.
PLT 3116, 3rd, Bn, Co M
PO Box 16355
Parris Island, SC 29905-6355

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hockey Fight

Brandon had a hockey game on Saturday morning. A boy on the opposing team was playing dirty most of the game; hitting one boy on the head with his stick, tripping, checking from behind, etc. At the end of the game this boy was pushing the goalie. Brandon and his friend, Jack pushed the boy away from the goalie. According to the Brandon and Jack, this boy asked if they "wanted to fight" right before he punched Jack in the face. Jack and the boy fell to the ice and Brandon proceeded to get angry and punch the boy repeatedly. The ref had to tell Brandon to stop and he got kicked out of the game. He also got suspended for fighting and could not play at Sunday's game. The player from the other team only got a penalty for roughing. Doesn't seem fair to me, but that is the way the ref called it. We do not promote fighting, but I was glad Brandon stood up for his team mates. While Brandon watched his team play on Sunday he said "I see why this is a punishment." He really wanted to be out there on the ice playing. I think Brandon learned a lesson today.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Marine Corp Web Site


If you are interested in following Ahren's activities, this website has a lot of information on it. I still didn't get his address yet. When I do, I will post it so you can write to him. Please keep Ahren in your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Phone call home

Monday night at midnight we got a call home from Ahren. We were in bed when the phone rang and Todd nudged me to get it. I picked up the cell phone and said "hello" in a sleepy voice. I hear Todd say "honey, the other phone." oops I picked up the wrong phone. (in my defense, I was half asleep). I picked up the other phone to hear a recording. At first I thought it was a political ad, it sounded so upbeat. By the time I realized it was a recording from Ahren, the message was already at the end. He said he arrived at Paris Island and we would not hear from him in 7 (or 70) days. Once again, I was half asleep and also hard of hearing. So, I will keep you all up to date. Hopefully the next phone call I will be awake enough to hear!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Farewell Dinner

Before Ahren left for the marines on the 20th, the entire family went to Buca diBeppo for a nice farewell dinner. The meal was fabulous! We reserved the Pope Room and Ahren got to sit in the pope throne. On our table was a huge lazy susan with the a statue of the pope's head. The food was placed on the lazy susan as a buffet style. The pope's head spun around when everyone was dishing out the food. Thank you to all who were able to join us (Ahren, Todd, Tami, Zachary, Brandon, Judy, Stan, Gene, Nancy, Tiffani, Billy, Kyle, Chad, Heather, Max, Morgan and Mommom Ritschard).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ellie as a puppy

Ellie was a small puppy when Pia came to visit us from Germany. Now Ellie is one year old and she has grown so much! Ellie likes to watch the fish in the pond, wait for the bunnies in the back yard, eat the tomatoes from my garden, play with Teddy and chase her "squeeky" ball in the yard. She is so spoiled, she gets milk in the morning with her doggy food, goes to work with mommy and sleeps in our bed.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Storm & Ellie

We have had a wonderful two weeks with Storm. (even when he jumped in and out of the pond!) He is going to a new home today. His new family has one Lab and will spoil Storm! Ellie has had a great play mate and she will miss her new buddy. We will miss Storm too! Stormy we love you!!

First Day of Middle School

Zachary and Brandon are headed off for the first day of school. Zachary is now in 8th grade and Brandon is in 6th grade. This is Brandon's first year of Middle School and Zachary's last year. Can you believe next year Zachary will be going into High School! Where does the time go??

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If you think I'm cute... you should see my Aunt!

In July the family went to Ocean City New Jersey for a week vacation. I found shirts on the boardwalk for the girls. It said "If you think I'm cute, you should see my Aunt". Of course I had to buy the shirts!!! Max and Morgan looked so adorable!!

Morgan's sleepover

Morgan got to sleep over at Aunt Tami's house during the summer. We went for many, many walks! Morgan liked watching the fish in the pond, putting crayons in her mouth, playing in the sink and running in the yard. She had so much fun following the boys around. She had the best time playing football with Zachary and Brandon. She especially loved Ellie! And Ellie loved it when Morgan would drop her snack on the floor.

Valley Forge Colonials

Brandon had his first two games this weekend as a VF Colonial. He is wearing his friend, Jacks uniform because his didn't come in yet. So temporarily Brandon is an "Orendorff" until his new uniform arrives. So far the Colonials lost the first game and tied the second against the Phantoms. Brandon is doing a great job at defense and is building up his confidence when he is checking an opponent against the boards! I am looking forward to a wonderful season! Go Moose!