Friday, October 31, 2008


Zachary went to his 1st Halloween party and dressed as a "sports" bunny. ??Don't ask me to explain?? :) Brandon was some kind of scary dude and walked the neighborhood until his candy bag was so full he couldn't carry it anymore. Todd and I stayed home and handed out candy to all the little ones who came to the door. On our porch was the pumpkins the boys carved out a few days ago.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unexpected Road Trip

Ahren's bus would have taken two days to get from Parris Island to Pottstown. I decided to meet the bus half way so that Ahren wouldn't have to be on a bus that long. I didn't want to drive alone, so Ahren's friend, John came along. We were not quite sure what the bus stops were but we decided to leave Pottstown at 9am. Ahren called when we were in Delaware.

He would arrive in Raliegh, NC at 11:30. I thought he meant 11:30am! NO! 11:30pm! I'm so glad John came along!!! Since we had some time, we stopped for lunch in a small town: Occoquan, Va. It an old Mill town established in 1745. A beautiful waterfront town with a lot of history, especially around the civil war time period.

Ahren called again. We decided to drive 1 hour further to Fayetteville, NC because the bus was schedule to arrive at 9:15pm. We ended up in Fayetteville, NC at 8pm wating for his bus to arrive. The bus got in at 9:45pm.

Ahren was so happy to see us. He talked non-stop for a few hours with the stories behind boot-camp! We stopped at "Waffle House" for breakfast (even though it was around 10:30pm).

We took turns driving all the way home and arrived back at 6:40am. Just in time to see Zach and Brandon off to school.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Judy

October 22nd was Judy's birthday. It's a family tradition to celebrate by having lunch at their house and the kids carve pumpkins. Max loved getting her hands goopy! Brandon liked using the carving knife. He even put a "scar" on his pumpkin.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

#54 has his Jersey!

Brandon's hockey jersey finally came in! WaaHoo! He is offically a Miller! His team has been playing great! The checking has been fierce and the scoring breathtaking! Brandon is proving to be a good defenseman! They have won the last nine games in a row! How awesome is that!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Max and Morgan at a hockey game...

The girls posed at the hockey rink while waiting for Brandon after his team won against the Reading Royals!! Both Max and Morgan were yelling "GO MOOSE" the whole game. Max was routing for other players too (only because she thought it was Brandon on the ice)!

Brandon played two games today. He played well for both games, and surprising more physical the second game. His team won both games! Go Moose!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ahren's 2nd letter

Ahren wrote:
Dear Mom, Dad, Zach, Moose and ... John,
Doing good here, same old, same old. ........I proposed to Ashley the day before I left. .... She said yes! .............Love you guys. Gotta go to bed. We go to bed here at 8pm and wake up at 3:30ish. Not really sure because there aren't any clocks all. Love Ahren. ps. That wasn't a recording. (See phone call home posting) It was me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ahren wrote home!

We got our first letter from Ahren. He wrote:

"Dear Mom, Dad, Zach & Moose, I'm doing fine here (really!). and I'm really enjoying it! You guys got me ready for this! Alot of people can't take being screamed at.... I laugh inside cause while they may yell loud, they're empty threats... For the first time I actually have a muscle! And I completed and passed my first PT test at 7 pullups, 55 crunches and 11 minute mile and 1/2. So Zach I'm gonna catch you now when I get home! Moose shoot conner in the foot for me." (Brandon has an air soft gun) "lol. ...... Miss you all, Ahren. ps. and Dad, our senior drill instructor said Dallas sucks!"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scary Hair!!

WARNING! Scary Photo! Our water heater broke so I had to go to Tiffani's to take a shower. Tiff and I decided to color our hair. Kyle took a picture of us while we were waiting for the color to set in! Luckily our hair color turned out just fine!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kyle's Prank

My nephew, Kyle is a senior in high school. Kyle and some friends were decorating the cafeteria for a dance: balloons, streamers, etc. Kyle decided to fill a balloon with glitter, blow it up, and write POP ME on it. He hung it up above one of the cafeteria tables. At lunch time some freshman sat down to eat and saw the balloon. Of course it was soooo tempting and they popped it!! Glitter went EVERYWHERE, including in their food! :) I have to admit it was a very funny prank!