Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unexpected Road Trip

Ahren's bus would have taken two days to get from Parris Island to Pottstown. I decided to meet the bus half way so that Ahren wouldn't have to be on a bus that long. I didn't want to drive alone, so Ahren's friend, John came along. We were not quite sure what the bus stops were but we decided to leave Pottstown at 9am. Ahren called when we were in Delaware.

He would arrive in Raliegh, NC at 11:30. I thought he meant 11:30am! NO! 11:30pm! I'm so glad John came along!!! Since we had some time, we stopped for lunch in a small town: Occoquan, Va. It an old Mill town established in 1745. A beautiful waterfront town with a lot of history, especially around the civil war time period.

Ahren called again. We decided to drive 1 hour further to Fayetteville, NC because the bus was schedule to arrive at 9:15pm. We ended up in Fayetteville, NC at 8pm wating for his bus to arrive. The bus got in at 9:45pm.

Ahren was so happy to see us. He talked non-stop for a few hours with the stories behind boot-camp! We stopped at "Waffle House" for breakfast (even though it was around 10:30pm).

We took turns driving all the way home and arrived back at 6:40am. Just in time to see Zach and Brandon off to school.

2 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Good for you for going to get your boy! Looks like a fun (but long) trip, which could not have been complete without the Waffle House!

  2. Looks like a long road trip, but filled with some wonderful memories. I bet it is nice to have your boy back home.


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