Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Recap

My boys survived their first three days of school.  They got up on time and didn't miss the bus.  They have off Friday and Monday for the Labor Day holiday.

I've been trying to get my husband to sign up for direct deposit for years!  No kidding! Y.E.A.R.S!  Wednesday mentioned he'd like to go golfing on Friday.  I told him the only way would go golfing is if he turned in the direct deposit.  HA! The power of persuasion wins again!

My father-in-law's 70th birthday is coming up.  We are celebrating by going to his favorite restaurant.  After his heart attack a few years ago he watches what he eats and doesn't visit this restaurant much.  This is the type of restaurant that makes your mouth water and does not serve anything 'lite'.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

9 Lives

I believe a cat has 9 lives.  

My precious Libby gave me quite a scare Sunday morning.  She began meowing in pain, a loud long cry for help.  I picked her up and put her on our bed.  She laid there lethargically on her side panting heavily with her tongue hanging out.  The dogs were going nuts. They must have sensed there was something wrong.

I called the emergency vet number, wrapped her in a blanket and had her transported there within a 1/2 an hour.   She cried softly the entire way there.  Once or twice I thought she took her last breath.  When we got there the wonderful folks at the emergency vet clinic had her in an exam room right away.

She didn't show any fluid in her lungs or around the heart, her temp was only 1 degree lower than normal and her footpads were still pink.  It's possible she pulled a muscle (she is pleasantly plump) while jumping or running.  They gave her a pain medication that would last for three days.

It's been a few days and she is doing well.  Back to eating and drinking.. and eating  and eating...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mad Dog Hot Sauce

Todd and I found a cute kitchen store while we were vacationing in Ocean City, NJ.  One thing we found was MAD DOG Hot Sauce.
This killer sauce will blow you away!  It is blended with
  •  Chile extract, 
  • fresh Habanero peppers,
  •  Cayenne peppers, 
  • garlic and onion.

This particular hot sauce came with a little bullet. When you twisted the bullet, a tiny spoon came out.  This spoon measured how much hot sauce you should use while cooking.

In order to understand why we would actually purchase a $20 bottle of the Hottest Hot Sauce ever made, you have to know the story of our son, Zachary.

When Zachary was young, he would put ketchup on everything.  It was crazy how much ketchup that child ate.  As he grew into his teenage years, he developed a love for hot sauce
And YES, he puts hot sauce on everything

At the beach the guys decided to have a Russian Roulette contest with the hot sauce.  The hot sauce was placed on one piece of a Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel then mixed on a plate with plain pretzels.

 The guys then had to pick one pretzel and eat it.
Brandon ended up being the loser
He drank and drank and drank, trying to cool off his mouth.
My son (who can take the pain that goes along with being a physical hockey player) was taken down by a little teenie weenie dot of hot sauce!
Zach later admitted he won't use this hot sauce, because it's too hot! 
I never imagined there would be a hot sauce that Zachary would turn down!!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beach Pier

These pictures were taken by my husband in Ocean City, NJ.
It was an old pier that is now falling apart.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hockey at the Beach ??

It's unusual to think of ice-hockey and the beach in one sentence.
  I sit in cold Ice-hockey rinks, all season long, and dream of a hot sunny beach.  
Hot. Sunny. Beach. Is. Here!
But it seems as if hockey is calling me back to the rink!
Where ever I turned there was something reminding me that hockey season is about to begin again. (Not that I am complaining!)
Beach Bag 
Beach Cooler
 Lawn Stakes

Hockey Christmas Ornaments
Hockey Snowmen.

Hockey follows me everywhere!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cold Springs Village

Historic Cold Spring Village in Cape May, NJ is an Early-American open-air living history museum.  It was fun stepping back in time to the 1800s while visiting a blacksmithing, woodworking, basket weaving, bakery and more.

Bakery.  I got a lemon sponge cake that was very tasty!

Farm Fresh Veggies!
Home made brooms.

Home woven baskets
Country store.

Spinning to make the wool.

Home spun wool.

Knitted from spun wool.

One room school house..

I'm so glad you took the time to visit my corner of the world. 
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mini Golf is Aggravating!

Aggravation is watching your son get a hole-in-one, when you can't.
Aggravation is trying to hit the ball.
Aggravation is adding up the score and finding out you are losing.
Aggravation is playing against your brother.
Aggravation is playing against your sister.
Aggravation is playing with your mother!
Aggravation is aggravating!