Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thank you Coach

Coach Thorp, all you have done for me and the hockey team these last four years has not gone unnoticed.  You have taught us key lessons in life: specifically, how to be a team player… how to work towards a common goal with teammates… how to cope with both winning and losing… how to deal with unexpected adversity… and of course, the overall benefit of being physically fit.

It’s a lot to ask of a volunteer, absolutely. There must be times when you ask yourself if you really have time to coach, or if you are making a difference, or ...
if you do, it’s in silence. Because we never see it or hear it.

Coaches, like you, are the bloodline of high school sports. Without your involvement, practices and games would never happen, never mind the life lessons countless of young kids learn.
Fun is the key ingredient to high school hockey.
I sincerely hope you have as much fun as your players do.

And coach. 
Thanks for all you do.  



Monday, March 30, 2015

Cone of Shame

At first I chuckled as I watched Maggie trying to walk through out the house without bumping into stuff.  I soon felt guilty and very sorry for her.
The cone of shame was attached to the Maggie's collar with strings passing through holes punched in the sides of the plastic.  After a few days the string began to stink. Yuck!
Maggie did not adjust to the newly acquired lamp shade quite well.  
She would not eat or drink with the collar in place and we had to temporarily removed for meals.
What a pain the in butt it was to put back on too!
I had the hold the plastic part upwards towards her snout so she could get up the steps.
Maggie and I were both relieved when the cone of shame was removed!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hockey Game / Date Night

Friends of our gave us tickets to the Flyers game.  Sweeeet seats 13 rows from the ice!
Game day came after a huge ice storm the night before.  Luckily it was a warm, sunny day (if you consider 35 degrees warm) and the ice began to melt on the roads. The parking lot is a considerable distance from the rink. We had to walk in a lot of slush and my feet were wet and cold by the time we made it to the rink.  Wet and cold feet are not a good thing to have when you are sitting in a cold, ice rink.
 There is something about a hockey game that makes me feel alive.
The smell of the ice, when the team comes on the ice, the cheers from the crowd, the red light and horn blare when my team scores a goal, Pepsi, soft pretzels and greasy pizza.
 The view is practically the same as when I watch Brandon play, 
but we were a lot closer than the pictures depict.
most importantly -
 Flyers won!!
 It was a good day in Philadelphia!


Monday, March 23, 2015

HS Hockey Champions!

Daniel Boone Blazers was the highest ranking team throughout the season, only losing one game.
Tonight they played the third seeded team in the league, Twin Valley.
Twin Valley played an excellent defensive game that shut down our top scoring players. 
The game was a nail biter! It was 1-1 the entire game and went into OT.
2-1 OT to win the East Penn Scholastic Hockey League Tournament!

In this picture Brandon is skating away from his teammates, wearing the C on his jersey.
Brandon is in the first row, next to the goalie with the blue jersey and under his coach.

When Brandon was a freshman his team only won one game.  By his senior year they were the top team in the league.  It couldn't have been a more sweeter victory for Brandon. Winning the championship his final hockey game for his high school hockey club.
Aiden, Frank and Brandon holding the trophy.

One of the Dads was took a video of the game.
You can check out some of the highlights.   If you want to look out for Brandon is number is #54.  VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS HERE
 Newspaper Article in the Reading Eagle HERE

Congratulations to Daniel Boone Ice Hockey League
2014-2015 Champions


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hockey All-Star

This year has been a great hockey season for Brandon.
As it winds down to the end the 2 Leagues in our area hosts an All Star game.  
Brandon was chosen to play.  
This will be his last hockey game before hanging up his skates.  Even though I am excited and looking forward to the All Star game, I am also very sad that hockey is coming to an end.  
He is off to college in the fall and most likely won't play.
I'm still crossing my fingers he does.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Morgan

It was my niece's 8th birthday and there was a lot of icing on her birthday cake!

So much icing that the kids tongues looked like they swallowed a smurf!


Happy Birthday Morgan!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

A little fan with a big heart... and big mouth!

I don't think Brandon expected to see this little fan (who adores him) attend one of his hockey games.
I thought it was cool when he came up to the glass to acknowledge her 
and waved to her from the bench!
This little one has the loudest set of lungs I've ever heard.
She would scream "Bran-DON!" and (I kid you not) everyone in the rink heard her!!
She was the hit of the game with all the players and fans.
  Brandon, you are her favorite fan ON and OFF the ice.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hockey High School Senior Night

Brandon is a high school senior.  His ice hockey club recognized each senior who has played hockey for Daniel Boone HS.  What a wonderful memory for the boys, coaches and parents.

It was nice that the parents were included in the ceremony. 
The icing on the cake was winning the game that night beating their top rival team!!
 I'm so proud of Brandon and his team.  They are headed to the championship next week!!


Happy Birthday Zachary!!

Zachary is 20!
but 10 years ago....
Zachary asked for TWO things for his birthday.
 A baseball glove............
 ..... and MONEY!
 He was polite about it and ready every single birthday card.
 Then counted the MONEY!
 Oh Yeah Baby!  I'm rich!
Happy Birthday Zachary.

February 28, 2005.