Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hockey Game / Date Night

Friends of our gave us tickets to the Flyers game.  Sweeeet seats 13 rows from the ice!
Game day came after a huge ice storm the night before.  Luckily it was a warm, sunny day (if you consider 35 degrees warm) and the ice began to melt on the roads. The parking lot is a considerable distance from the rink. We had to walk in a lot of slush and my feet were wet and cold by the time we made it to the rink.  Wet and cold feet are not a good thing to have when you are sitting in a cold, ice rink.
 There is something about a hockey game that makes me feel alive.
The smell of the ice, when the team comes on the ice, the cheers from the crowd, the red light and horn blare when my team scores a goal, Pepsi, soft pretzels and greasy pizza.
 The view is practically the same as when I watch Brandon play, 
but we were a lot closer than the pictures depict.
most importantly -
 Flyers won!!
 It was a good day in Philadelphia!


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