Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hockey All-Star

This year has been a great hockey season for Brandon.
As it winds down to the end the 2 Leagues in our area hosts an All Star game.  
Brandon was chosen to play.  
This will be his last hockey game before hanging up his skates.  Even though I am excited and looking forward to the All Star game, I am also very sad that hockey is coming to an end.  
He is off to college in the fall and most likely won't play.
I'm still crossing my fingers he does.


4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. That's sad; I hope he gets to play in college!

  2. Not sure if he will play in college? Does the college have a team? Our son was good at soccer and at college he play in a league that was not the college team. I forgot what it was called but their were teams for other schools and the school helped with providing fields and some transportation. Maybe they have a hockey league like that there.

  3. Each college is different. Some have hockey, some don't. Some have clubs, some have competitive leagues. He's still waiting to hear back from two schools. One of those school is in Center City Philly and doesn't have a hockey team. The other two have hockey programs. I hope he continues to play, but ultimately the decision is his.

  4. I know Jessica! Even though I knew this day would be coming I'm still devastated! Hockey has been an important part of our lives for the last 10 years. Not an easy thing to walk away from.


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