Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 2008

I hung up Brandon's hockey trophies on his bedroom wall.
and Martin Brodeur's jersey.  He is Brandon's favorite hockey player.
I also bought Brandon hockey sheets and blanket.
Todd ripped up the carpet in our hallway and replaced it with Pergo.

 My cousin, Tara and her husband Andy live in CA with their two children, Breck and Piper.
They came home to visit for the Christmas holidays.

Mommom and Piper

 Aunt Shirley and Piper
 Mommom playing skeetball.
 Aunt Shirley, Uncle Kent and Piper
 Andy and Breck
 Breck and Uncle Kent celebrating Uncle Kent's birthday.
 Breck's first time with snow.
 Breck and Tara.

 Zachary's pet hamsters.


Breck and Piper's visit to PA

These are pictures of my cousin, Tara and her husband Andy from California. Their children Breck and Piper. My Aunt Shirley, Uncle Kent and Mommom Ritschard. This was Breck's first time in the snow, they celebrated Tara and Kents birthdays and took Mommom R to a moon bounce playland!

Poppop Ritschards Train

These are pictures of my grandfathers train that he got when he was a little boy. This train is about 70 years old. My uncle set it up at their house for Breck and Piper's visit.

Poppop told me that this train set should go to Ahren someday. It is a wonderful gift from Poppop Ritschard, whom we miss so much!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I posted a lot of entries today. Mainly pictures of Christmas. We had a nice, relaxing holiday. Christmas day I made breakfast my sister, Tiffani and her two boys, Billy & Kyle and my mom and dad. We opened presents and enjoyed the day. Later for dinner we went to Todd's parents. We were there with Todds brother, Chad his fiance, Heather and Heathers parents. Usually Christmas is overwhelming for me, but this year was really nice.

The next day we went to my parents house to visit with my aunt, uncle, grandmom, and cousins. It was good to see my cousin and her family because they live in California and we only see them once a year.

Friday night we had a poker party with some friends. I played poker for the first time and hung in there for awhile. Two guys went out before I did! ha! Todd ended up coming in third place.

Sunday night we had a Christmas party with other family members of Todd's and friends.

So now I can sit back and wait for the new years to arrive!! Enjoy our christmas photos!

Piper & Breck

My cousin, Tara and her husband, Andy visited during the christmas holidays with their two children, Breck and Piper. They live in California and we only get to see them once a year. We are thinking about taking a summer vacation trip to see them. I am dreaming of the warm weather already!!

Poppop Gene's Train Set

Christmas Day Photos

Heather and Morgan
Chad and Morgan

Tami and Morgan
Ahren relaxing.

Brandon with Guitar Hero for Xbox360

Zachary with Texas Tech sweatshirt
Tiffani with "Life is Good" purse
Gene with baseball PJs.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Chad (Todd's brother) and Heather got engaged over the Christmas Holiday! Congratulations!!
They are thinking of an outdoor August wedding at St. Peters Village. To see pictures of St. Peters you can click on Brandon's View (his blog), scroll down to the bottom and see the nature scenes. It is gorgeous!!!!

Sookie Stackhouse

Some blogging buddies have commented that they finally saw the Twlight movie and loved it. If you are craving more vampire stuff, here's the books for you!

I've been expanding my reading horizons over the last few months, and thus came across at least one book (thanks to my friend, Heather) I would almost certainly have never chosen to read on my own: Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dark, the first in the author's surprisingly popular Southern Vampire Mysteries series.
In simplest terms, this book was a fun, breezy read that won't win any grand fiction prizes, but was a worthwhile and refreshing lark that breathed some much-needed life into the image of the modern vampire.
The main charachter in Dead Until Dark is a 25-year-old high school-educated Louisiana waitress named Sookie Stackhouse who lives with her grandma and just happens to be able to read minds. No grand dames and immortal heiresses to be found here, just a little Southern-fried supernatural mischief.

Where Harris really shines is in crafting a believably flawed, ordinary, yet entertaining cast. Sookie's telepathy lets Harris instantly sound off and every other character's internal motivations–a great trick for a writer looking to quickly sketch out a town full of folk–including the womanizing yet well-meaning brother, suspicious and prejudiced sheriff, or standoffish yet protective barkeep. By the time she's done, Harris has given us a glimpse at vampire society, winked at the Southern obsession with the American Civil War, taken a quick shot at Anne Rice-ish vamp-goth groupies, and even snuck in the unlikeliest celebrity-turned-immortal-bloodsucker you're ever likely to read. All in under 300 pages. It's the horror-fantasy equivalent of a beach novel.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Tudors

Todd is a history teacher and some friends of ours got us the 1st series of a Showtime special called The Tudors. It's about King Henry VIII. I'm not sure how historically accurate it is, but it sure is a great series to watch! According to Todd a lot of it is based on facts. I know for sure that the real King Henry didn't look as good as the actor portraying him!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Favorite Present

Ahren's favorite present was a new computer desk chair. He was using a metal folding chair.

Zachary's favorite present was a new custom made lacrosse stick.
Brandon's favorite present was actually an electric guitar. I didn't have a picture of him opening it because things can be very hectic with three boys opening presents at one time. So, here is a picture of Brandon with his new hockey bag with the team logo.

Gingerbread House

The weekend before christmas the kids spent a day at Mommom and Poppop Millers while the mommy and daddys went christmas shopping. Brandon and Zachary helped their cousins, Max and Morgan make a gingerbread house. This has been a tradition for the boys for many years, it is the girls first year to make a house.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Katie, Kari & Kara

These are my nieces who live in Alabama. We don't see them often and I miss them terribly. Merry Christmas girls! Love Aunt Tami!