Monday, June 30, 2014

Conversations with Brandon {No Trespassing}

Brandon  and Jenn  took a day trip to French Creek State Park.  
They went to the top of quarry where the view of the park is stunning.  

However, this spot is marked 'No Trespassing'. 

 To their misfortune, a Park Ranger spotted them.  The Park Ranger called me (and Jenn's mom) because they are both minors.  Due to this infraction, Brandon and Jenn are both receiving fines.  $189 each!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously they weren't dealing with Ranger Smith, who always seemed to be easily fooled.

I am lovingly referring to Brandon and Jenn as Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Conversations with Zach {Car Trouble}


Zachary:  Mom, I have a sticker from the apartment complex on my car saying it's going to get towed.

Me:  Go to the apartment complex office and ask why.

Zachary: They said I do not have a registration sticker on my license plate and as long as I don't park on the property I will not be towed.

Me:  I mailed you the registration paper that goes in your glove box and the sticker back in March.

Zachary: What's the registration paper look like?

Me: (texted him a picture of the registration)(I was smart enough to request a second copy).

Zachary: oh! I have that.  It's in the kitchen drawer.

(Ouch! I just smacked my forehead)

Zachary: But there is no sticker.

Me:  Okay, I will get online with the DMV and get you a new sticker.


Zachary: Mom, my car was towed.

Me:  Why??????

Zachary: I stopped home to get a shower and when I came back out my car was being towed.

Me:  (two octaves higher) Why did you park on the property?

Zachary: It was only for 20 minutes.

Me: Where is the car and what do you have to do to get it back?

Zachary: They need $125 and a paper with Dad authorizing me to pick it up since his name is on the registration card.  They said the paper needs some special stamp.

Me:  You mean notarized?

Zachary: Yes.

Me:  Well that's a problem because Dad is in England.

Zachary: oh no.

(In the meantime I called the towing service.  They will not allow me to get the authorization in my name because I am not on the registration.)

Zachary: My laptop is in the car. Can I go get it out of the car?

Me: No, they won't let you do that until you pay.

Zachary: My iPhone charger is in the car.

Me: Can you get a ride to Walmart to buy another one?

Zachary: Yeah let me get the money out of my wallet in the car.

I sense sarcasm

Me:  OMG! Can you borrow money?

Zachary:  I don't want to be that guy.

(At this point my forehead is hurting from smacking it too many times)

Zachary:  I just need my car.

(I'm trying to get ahold of Todd, with no luck.  He's still in England).

Me: Working on it.  I can't do anything until Dad calls me.

Zachary:  Awesome.   He just had to go to England.

More sarcasm.

Me:  You just had to get your car towed.

Definite sarcasm.

Zachary:  Bad timing.

(Got ahold of Todd and explained the story).

Todd:  (sigh) You've got to be kidding me?

Me: The notarized letter has to be taken care of right away.  Zachary can't board the plane on *Tuesday without his license.

*(Sunday the towing place is closed. Monday Todd is flying home and won't be able to do anything).

Todd:  My hotel room is so small, I can touch both walls.  I feel like the Jolly-Green-Giant.

Me:  Focus Todd, focus.

Todd: (He gave me his hotel info) Can you look on-line and find a notary nearby?

Me:  (found one and sent info).

Todd: Thanks, I hope they are open on a Saturday.

Me too!


Friday, June 27, 2014

Family, Father's Day and Friday Fragments

In spirit of the World Cup, our family held their own soccer game.
My niece loves her cousin, Brandon.
She was happy he played her favorite sport, even if they were on opposing teams.

 We celebrated Father's day with a picnic at our house.
Todd is pictured with his Dad and Brother. 
Our friend, Chad is considered a part of the family too!
 I am thankful that these wonderful guys.
They are good men who make our lives better and bless their children by actions and examples.
I say, Thank You!!

My BFF made Brandon's cake.
As always, it was very good!
 I forgot to buy candles. Brandon had to blow out a lighter.
The next day, some of my day care kids sang Happy Birthday to Brandon.
This time I remembered the candles.
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Half-Past Kissin' Time
Happy Friday Friends!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

being Kind or being Creepy?

What would you do if a stranger asked you to join them for a meal?  Would you say yes?
Or would you be bold enough to ask someone to join you?

**did I hear you gasp?**   

Do you agree that some acts of kindness 15 or 20 years ago could now be considered taboo? A couple of generations ago a 'random act of kindness' was just what you did. You complimented people in the street, you helped strangers who needed it, you did nice things for your friends and you were basically just a kind person.  It's a shame that today's society turns a good deeds into something that makes you feel uneasy and afraid.  It is a sad reflection on society that people think "What does he/she want in return from me?".

Where am I going with this??

When the boys were young (yes, around 15 years ago) I took them to Friendly's restaurant for lunch.  There was an elderly man in line behind us.  We got to chatting while we were waiting for the hostess.  He was very nice and reminded me of my grandfather.   I asked him if someone was joining him for lunch and he said no, he was eating alone.  I asked if he would like to join us.  He said yes!

We talked about his children, my children, my husband, his wife (who had passed away that year).  He told me many happy stories from his life that have stayed with me over the years.

When the check came, this generous man paid for our entire meal.  I told him that was not why I invited him to join us and insisted he did not have to pay for us but he said: "Not only are you a wonderful mother to these boys, but a wonderful woman for making an old man feel special."

It's not every day a stranger will ask you to sit down and join them for a meal.  Nor is it every day that a stranger will say yes.

I challenge you: Go do a random act of kindness!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maggie {8 weeks old}

Last weekend we brought home a chocolate lab puppy.  My eldest son wanted to name her: 

"Lady Regina T. Wigglebottom the 7th, Countess of the great divide, Queen of the land of Minth, Seducer of the fallen kings, Baroness of the red crusted dough, and Princess to the sovereign nations".

I called her Maggie.
She weighs 9.5 lbs.
Maggie got stuck under our island.....
 (My husband had to lift it up so I could pull her out).
she fell into the pond....
her favorite toy is a ball that is too large to fit in her mouth...
 she loves the outdoors....
and she has already figured out I am a sucker.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things that make you go EEEWWW!

Forget haunted houses, horror movies, blood and guts, even a toddler booger wall mural next to their bed.
These things I can handle.

Things that skeeve me out are:

Dirty crusted teeth.  If someone doesn't take care of their teeth, can you imagine what other bodily regions they do not take care of.

The sound of people eating.  The open mouth chewing and lip smacking. I really don't want to see how mashed up your food is while you eat.

Uncovered sneezes or sneezing in your hand.  All I can visualize is germs flying in the air or the germs someone spreads by touching with a sneezed into hand.

A cluttered house.  Once a friend jokingly said to me "You don't have a junk draw, do you?"  Ummm, no I truly do not!

Cereal Milk.  You know, the forgotten kind.

Asparagus Pee.  I have my husband to thank for adding this to my list.

How about you? What things make you go eewww!!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

I've been Buffaloed

Dog owners want to provide the best quality food they can for their dogs.  They also know how expensive dog food can be.  Blue Buffalo charges higher prices than the mainstream brands but consumers are willing to pay higher prices in order to keep their pet healthy. 

I certainly believed and trusted Blue Buffalo to provide honest nutritional information. 
Never Again

According to Blue Wilderness they only use the finest natural ingredients.  In actuality, an average of  40% or more had less important Omega 3's than guaranteed on the package.  Omega 3 fatty acids are important for the immune system and shiny skin and hair coat.

An article written by Adam Samson from FOXBusiness revealed Nestle's Purina PetCare division filed a lawsuit alleging competitor Blue Buffalo misled consumers in its advertisements marketing its healthy food line.  
source: FoxBusiness article published 5/6/2014

Nestle Purina isn't the only other company to complain about Blue Buffalo.  Hill's Science Diet also reported inconsistency of the nutrient claims.  They submitted to outside laboratories for analysis.  Among the 9 packages, there were 22 nutrient claims determined to be erroneous.
source: Small Animal Clinical Nutrition V Edition, page 391

I advise pet owners to do their research before purchasing any food product for the pet.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Falling down is a part of life {Sunday In My City}

Brandon was taking a Photo and Design class his High School Junior year.
While taking photos for the class, we happened upon an old stone farm house that has been long forgotten and left in rumbles.
I wonder who lived here? What was the family like?
What did the home look like in its glory days?
I suppose falling down is a part of life, but I couldn't help but feel sad for this old stone house.

Unknown Mami
Thanks for taking the time to view my world. 
I'd love to see yours!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Smarter than the av-er-age Bear {Friday Fragments}

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Yogi Bear and Boo Boo
Brandon (Yogi Bear) and Jenn (Boo-Boo) took a day trip to French Creek State Park.  They went to the top of quarry where the view of the park is stunning.  However, this spot is marked 'No Trespassing'.  To their misfortune, a Park Ranger spotted them.  The Park Ranger called me (and Jenn's mom) because they are both minors.  Due to this infraction, Brandon and Jenn are both receiving fines.
Obviously they weren't dealing with Ranger Smith, who always seemed to be easily fooled.

Speaking of Brandon. Today is his 17th birthday.  Happy Birthday Baby!

Maroon 5 is hooking up with American Express and iTunes to perform a live concert.
Tonight  8pmEST.
I'm excited to see the show... not the blonde hair on Adam. What was he thinking?

Aunt Tami's House
We played Candy Land ump-teen times this week.
Father's Day Craft was a big hit!

Todd left for England last night.  He is chaperoning a high school group for 10 days.
In case you are wondering: Yes! I am jealous and wish I could go too!!

How in the world does a laptop battery pop open like this?  It doesn't work anymore (captain obvious).

Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful Weekend!!
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Todd's birthday bash

 Memorial Day weekend we celebrated Todd's 44th birthday 
with this awesome cake my friend, Heather made.
Todd LOVES to golf. 
 I was impressed how the cake looked like a golf ball was on the greens of a golf course.
One brand of golf balls is called Titleist.
Heather changed the name to Toddlesit.
Very creative!
 The guys had a Bocci Ball competition.
 We also had a family party at Todd's brothers house.
My nephew loves to blow out birthday candles.
We, however, do not care for the Toddler spit.  
The kids had fun with fireworks too.
I've never seen fireworks on a long stick like this.
 It was safe, that is until one little girl swatted another one on the head.
 Happy Birthday Todd!