Sunday, June 8, 2014

Drip Drop {Sunday In My City}

These photos were taken in May by my son, Brandon.  He was working on a school photo project, which was to take a picture capturing a dynamic black and white.  Brandon didn't like the way these photos turned out in black and white and never used them in class.  I like the photos just the way the are.  They capture the rainy month of May that we had.
Unknown Mami


9 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I love them! Nature photos are my favorite anyway.

  2. Those pictures are great. Waves are so interesting. The fourth one down really shows the interference pattern made by wave interaction (all of them show some). I recently saw a display at a Chicago museum using water and light to explain this wave property. It's all around us if we look.

  3. Nice capture!!! Ripples and Reflections - very cool. I've been trying shots like these when it rains and trying to catch the drops mid air. Not easy.

  4. I was impressed with the pictures too. Brandon has a good eye with photography.

  5. Science is fascinating. I love water and light shows. It's beautiful.


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