Saturday, June 28, 2014

Conversations with Zach {Car Trouble}


Zachary:  Mom, I have a sticker from the apartment complex on my car saying it's going to get towed.

Me:  Go to the apartment complex office and ask why.

Zachary: They said I do not have a registration sticker on my license plate and as long as I don't park on the property I will not be towed.

Me:  I mailed you the registration paper that goes in your glove box and the sticker back in March.

Zachary: What's the registration paper look like?

Me: (texted him a picture of the registration)(I was smart enough to request a second copy).

Zachary: oh! I have that.  It's in the kitchen drawer.

(Ouch! I just smacked my forehead)

Zachary: But there is no sticker.

Me:  Okay, I will get online with the DMV and get you a new sticker.


Zachary: Mom, my car was towed.

Me:  Why??????

Zachary: I stopped home to get a shower and when I came back out my car was being towed.

Me:  (two octaves higher) Why did you park on the property?

Zachary: It was only for 20 minutes.

Me: Where is the car and what do you have to do to get it back?

Zachary: They need $125 and a paper with Dad authorizing me to pick it up since his name is on the registration card.  They said the paper needs some special stamp.

Me:  You mean notarized?

Zachary: Yes.

Me:  Well that's a problem because Dad is in England.

Zachary: oh no.

(In the meantime I called the towing service.  They will not allow me to get the authorization in my name because I am not on the registration.)

Zachary: My laptop is in the car. Can I go get it out of the car?

Me: No, they won't let you do that until you pay.

Zachary: My iPhone charger is in the car.

Me: Can you get a ride to Walmart to buy another one?

Zachary: Yeah let me get the money out of my wallet in the car.

I sense sarcasm

Me:  OMG! Can you borrow money?

Zachary:  I don't want to be that guy.

(At this point my forehead is hurting from smacking it too many times)

Zachary:  I just need my car.

(I'm trying to get ahold of Todd, with no luck.  He's still in England).

Me: Working on it.  I can't do anything until Dad calls me.

Zachary:  Awesome.   He just had to go to England.

More sarcasm.

Me:  You just had to get your car towed.

Definite sarcasm.

Zachary:  Bad timing.

(Got ahold of Todd and explained the story).

Todd:  (sigh) You've got to be kidding me?

Me: The notarized letter has to be taken care of right away.  Zachary can't board the plane on *Tuesday without his license.

*(Sunday the towing place is closed. Monday Todd is flying home and won't be able to do anything).

Todd:  My hotel room is so small, I can touch both walls.  I feel like the Jolly-Green-Giant.

Me:  Focus Todd, focus.

Todd: (He gave me his hotel info) Can you look on-line and find a notary nearby?

Me:  (found one and sent info).

Todd: Thanks, I hope they are open on a Saturday.

Me too!


6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. school of hard knocks! It sucks though...I would hope they would at least let him get his wallet! Hope it all works out!

  2. Notary's aren't open on Saturday in England. I was able to get the towing company to give Zachary his license. He can't get the car though. Still working on finding a solution.
    This is CRAZY!

  3. Life's problems come at you fast and almost always are a surprise at the wrong time. You know this I'm sure and it appears Zach is learning too. Why don't people who drive pay attention to things like licenses, insurance, the multitude of things that break. I always carry my wallet with me. I would never leave my laptop in my parked car unless it was parked within site and I could watch it. Sure some people are overly careful and you can't let stuff worry you crazy but it also helps to think about possibilities of thief/accidents/etc. This story got me wondering - does the city Zach is at require a city sticker for cars? People get ticketed all the time in Chicago for that one.
    I hope I didn't rant too much but when this type of thing happens to my kids, it sorta gets me going.

  4. I agree with you, I never leave anything valuable in the car. I don't know what a city sticker is. PA has 'tags' that you put on the license plate to show your car is registered with the state.
    Trust me, I was ranting for a few days!

  5. oh my.. I just can't imagine. I fear these days ahead with my children because they are all scatter brained NOW. what the heck will they be like as teens or young adults. I fear the future :)
    Hope everything worked out ok.

  6. $330.00 later. He got his car the night before the flight and made it home. Thank goodness!
    Don't worry too much about the future. All kids will do (not too bright) things that will make you crazy, but you will survive!


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