Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Conversations with Zach {How do I spell my name?}

Beware to readers: This is an actual text message conversation I had with my son.

Zachary:  Hey Mom. So that package you sent. Got a email saying ima get it today. And how do you spell my full name? ZachAry or ZachEry?

 (Did he seriously just ask me how to spell his name???)

ME: Z-a-c-h-a-r-y.

Zachary: Oh, okay. The shipping label says ZachEry.

ME: Whoever typed the label didn't type your name right. 
The package will be delivered to the rental office.

Zachary: Noo Mom. They don't like that.  I will be home.  I coulda got my boy to get it if I wasn't.  Now I don't know when to get ittttttt.

 (Nice grammar.)

ME: I thought you were in class all day and I didn't want to leave the package outside.

Zachary: Nooooo. Only 3-5 today.  I could have told my dude to pick it up who lives across the street or my neighbor.

My dude?? That sounds reassuring.

ME: I didn't know any of this.
Zachary: How do I know when it gets there?

Me: You will get an email saying it's been delivered.  

Zachary: The email said 12am today.

ME: 12am is midnight, sure it wasn't 12pm?

Zachary: (silence).

Zachary: The email was at 6am doe.

Did  the slang words I used sound this stupid to my parents?


8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Noo Mom. They don't like that. I will be home. I coulda got my boy to get it if I wasn't. Now I don't know when to get ittttttt.

  2. haha! I constantly have to check the urban dictionary talking to young kids today :)

  3. I wonder if it's a phase and he will begin to speak English again. ;-)

  4. OMG I hate the 'doe' thing. Some of the stuff my kids say makes me CRINGE! I love that he made sure how to spell his own name.

  5. When I hear it, I think of that song: Do, Ra, Me, Fa, So, La, Te, Do

  6. Language is always changing. All our online (the word online did mean what it does today 30 years ago) stuff is adding to the language quicker than we can keep up. "My dude" does sound strange though. I've said "hey dude" before but never "my dude". Well this dude does enjoy these conversations. thanks

  7. Lucky for me my youngest son will translate what his older brother says. =)

  8. imma tots down with what yer boy be spillin'

    seriously, I do think I will be the coolest parent on the block.


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