Thursday, June 19, 2014

Todd's birthday bash

 Memorial Day weekend we celebrated Todd's 44th birthday 
with this awesome cake my friend, Heather made.
Todd LOVES to golf. 
 I was impressed how the cake looked like a golf ball was on the greens of a golf course.
One brand of golf balls is called Titleist.
Heather changed the name to Toddlesit.
Very creative!
 The guys had a Bocci Ball competition.
 We also had a family party at Todd's brothers house.
My nephew loves to blow out birthday candles.
We, however, do not care for the Toddler spit.  
The kids had fun with fireworks too.
I've never seen fireworks on a long stick like this.
 It was safe, that is until one little girl swatted another one on the head.
 Happy Birthday Todd!

10 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Looks like a great birthday celebration!!! I love the cake!

  2. My BFF has a natural gift for making cakes that are perfect for what ever occasion it may be. I benefit from that since she makes cakes for all our family get togethers. =D

  3. that is the coolest cake!! My dad would love that. it actually looks like grass on the tee. and very clever with the name. A happy (belated) birthday to Todd. It looks like you had a grand celebration.

  4. My husband is a golfer, too...he would have loved that cake! Looks like y'all had a fun celebration for your hubby!

  5. I will pass along the complements to the baker of the cake!! Have a nice weekend. xo

  6. That is one awesome looking cake! The grass looks so real.

  7. happy birthday Todd!!! seriously that cake is the best!

  8. Oh Hilary, you have no idea how good this cake was! The left overs were my breakfast for a few days. LOL


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