Sunday, April 28, 2019

Introducing Gammi

When I heard for the first time that they were having a baby, my motherly instincts knew what he was about to say, and yet I was still in shock.  I knew someday I'd be a grandmother.  I wasn't prepared to be one at the age of 50. I don't feel like a grandmother.  But then again, what is it supposed to feel like?  When I was in my teens I thought 50 was old age, or even worse, senile.

Now I am embracing become a grandparent.  One way was choosing a name.  I decided to be called "Gammi".  It's kind of a cool way to combine my name, Tami with Grandma.  Also I believe that grandchildren are an anti-aging formula and motivate you to constantly be on the move to keep up.

However, separate issue I am dealing with is my friends not having grandchildren yet. Even the best of friends may tire about hearing me brag about the baby when they don't have any of their own.  My other concern is working full time.  I really would like to take extra time to spend with my grandson, but I'm grateful for the time I do see him.  Spending every minute studying his little face, hand and feet.

But when I got to hold the little guy in my arms, all my fears disappeared.