Thursday, September 27, 2012

Praying for Nanny

Nanny and Brandon (July 1998) ((Brandon was 1 yr old))
My Nanny has been in and out of the hospital in the last month.  Last weekend my sisters went to visit her.  They told me Nanny didn't look well. She was tired a lot and has lost the will to fight anymore.  Nanny has congestive heart failure, her blood pressure is drastically up and down and she complains about being tired all the time.  I fear her heart is giving out on her.  I do not know how much longer she has with us.  I am going to visit her this weekend.  In fact, I am leaving tonight.  It's about a 12 hour drive.    My youngest son is taking the trip with me.

Todd and Nanny (Nov 1997)

Several years ago Nanny could not take care of herself anymore and had to move to my father's house.  From PA to SC.

Although Brandon hasn't seen Nanny is a long time.  It fact, it's been about seven years.  However, he still remembers the visits we would take to her house.  His words "Isn't she the Nanny who would give us the lollipops".  Yep!  My Nanny always gave the boys lollipops every time she saw them.

I can't wait to see my Nanny.  Brandon thought it would be a good idea to bring her a lollipop!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Thank you Mrs. 4444s for hosting Friday Fragments.

My youngest son had a dentist appointment to fill two cavities.  He was numb on the right side of his face for a few hours.  He kept poking at it, amazed at the non existent feeling.  I told him to watch out for the drool. :)

We went shoe shopping afterwards. Not for me, for him. He finally picked out sneakers that were not a neon color. These are black and gray.  Is this a sign he is growing up?

We went to a place called Zoup for dinner.  It's sort of like a Panera Bread, but focused more on soups. Brandon choose a chicken potpie soup.  I ordered a tomato, spinach and wild rice soup.  It is really good!

My middle son stayed home from school today.  He has a sore throat and headache.  I've been giving him allergy medication for two days with no change.  In fact, it's been getting worse.  I made a doctor appointment just in case it isn't allergies.  I hate seeing my boys sick.

Youngest son has two hockey games this weekend.  They are both away and I am not looking forward to the traveling.  Last weekend we didn't have any games to attend. It was nice to have a weekend to ourselves.  That is not normal during hockey season.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Faith Healing vs. Medicine

I recently read a story about an Oregon couple whose 16 year old son died from an infection from his appendix bursting.  The parents believe by going to a doctor is going against God's will. The church the parents belong to takes its belief from a New Testament in the Gospel of James that says the sick should be prayed over and anointed with oil.  I do not believe that a God would NOT want you to keep your child safe.

Doesn't the 10 commandments say "Thou shall not commit murder".   That is exactly what those parents did by not seeking medical help for their son!  I'd like to be a fly on the wall when these parents meet their maker.

I am not trying to attack a persons religion.  Everyone has a right to their choice of religion.  BUT I personally think the parents are taking the literal translation from the bible out of context.  I also believe strongly that the parents are guilty of neglect. 

Sadly, this case is one of many in which parents have been responsible for neglecting to seek medical attention for their children.  Should they be held criminally responsible?

What are your thoughts?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ring Bling

My son gave his girlfriend a ring for her 16th birthday.
He told me "It's her 16th birthday and I want to do something special for her".
How sweet was that!
 He has a job. Saved up his own money.  Paid for the ring by himself.
I don't know a lot of boys who would spend the amount of money on a girl like my son did.

** Pat on the back Mom **
Such a gentleman that I am raising!

And if one ring wasn't enough….

My sister got engaged!!!
This is her new ring she is showing off.

Dear Hubby, 
If you are reading this blog… your wife would like some new bling of her own!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

90 and looking good!

My Mommom turned 90 years old!
She is a feisty woman who loves to do the polka, have an occasional beer and flirt with the young me!
Yep, that's right… 90 years old and still kissing the guys.  :)
She may be slowing down and use a walker, but her spirit is strong and her sense of humor is still funny as ever.

Mommom and her daughters.  Nancy (my Mom) and Shirley (my Aunt).
 Mommom and two of her grandchildren. Tami (me) and Tiffani (my sister).
 Mommom and two of her great-grandchildren. Zachary and Brandon (my children).
Hosts of the party: Kent and Shirley (my uncle and aunt).

There were a lot of family to surprise my Mommom. I don't know how surprised my Mommom really was. She is a sharp lady and I am sure she suspected we were doing something special for her.
 I wish my Poppop could have been there to see this happy milestone.
  With todays busy schedule it is hard to keep in touch with such a large family.  It was nice to gather everyone together and catch up with them all.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fragments

*I saw on Good Morning America that a paparazzi took topless photos of Princess Kate from a secluded home in France. They used a high power long lens to obtain the photos. Seriously? Have they not learned from their obsession of Princess Diana and how that tragically ended.  Do they have no morals?  It sickens me! 

* My son and his girlfriend attended a Renaissance Fair.  For some unknown reason to me, they purchased pirate costumes.  When I asked him 'why'? His reply was very serious: "The chain-mail was too expensive." Mind boggling to me.

* The sun is shinning. It feels great to be outdoors, the sun warming you all over.

* Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Work out Woes

I did it!
  I joined a gym!
I bought new sneakers.

The first two weeks I was gung-ho!  It felt good!  Wahoo!  I used the treadmill and even walked the dog a lot more than normal.  I was eating better. No more snacking. I was feeling great!

Well, not too great.  My muscles were complaining.  I told them to quiet down, exercise was good for them.

Then it happened…… Aunt Martha paid a visit. You know, that dreaded thing that comes once a month and overstays an unwanted visit.  The thing that makes you eat every chocolate item in the house.  The thing that makes you feel bloated and icky.  The thing that makes you cranky and weepy. The thing that makes your insides cramp up and scream "I need more pain meds!".

I didn't go to the gym that week.

I gained back the few pounds I lost.

Those few pounds may seem insignificant.  To me, it was a milestone to a new beginning.

I am so tired of having my boobs touch my stomach when I sit down.  Now it's time to shake my fist at Aunt Martha, get back on the treadmill and try again.  


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

My son, Brandon began dating in 8th grade.  *8th Grade* seems way to young to me!

Brandon and Jenn are now in 10th grade….they made two years.  That's more than some marriages!

Next week Jenn turns 16 and Brandon wanted to make it a special one.  He has ordered a really, really nice gift. I can't spoil it by telling because he hasn't given it to her yet.

Brandon and I went shopping for a gray shirt and gray tie.  (It made me think of 50 shades of Gray. I didn't mention that to my son though.  I don't think he would want to know what type of books his mother reads).

Most women like to shop, I am not one of them.  However; my son is! He has to make sure everything is perfect, that it matches and most importantly, that he looks good.  He even had a sales person measure his neck to make sure the shirt made him look *ahem* "hot" (his words, not mine).

Saturday Jenn's parents threw her a Sweet Sixteen birthday party.  I was able to get a few photos, but the quality isn't very good since they are from a cell phone.  Brandon gets very embarrassed when I am around, especially with a camera.  I consider myself lucky to get any photos at all!
Brandon surprised Jenn with 20 birthday balloons and pink roses.

The Girls with their escorts.
Best Buds
Even after all that shopping for the perfect tie, he ended up switching ties with a friend.
  (I found this out when I picked him up after the party. GRRR!).
Having some fun on the dance floor!
If he knew I had this photo, I think he'd stop talking to me for a year!

This is great blackmail material, don'tcha think?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday

Happy Birthday 

The family went to Stan's favorite restaurant to celebrate the big seven-O!
Dinner was delicious and the carrot cake was the BEST!
My mother-in-law, Judy and friend, Ginny
My father-in-law, Stan and friend, Bob.
Ginny and Bob are Stan and Judy's long time friends. 
 It was nice to have them join the birthday celebration.

Stan and Judy have two sons: Todd and Chad.
Six grandchildren: Ahren, Zachary, Brandon, Maddox, Morgan & Tyce.
Chad and his family.
(Side note: Max was visiting her Dad and is not in the picture.)

Todd and his family.
(Side note: Would it kill my boys to S.M.I.L.E.!!!)