Friday, September 21, 2012


My youngest son had a dentist appointment to fill two cavities.  He was numb on the right side of his face for a few hours.  He kept poking at it, amazed at the non existent feeling.  I told him to watch out for the drool. :)

We went shoe shopping afterwards. Not for me, for him. He finally picked out sneakers that were not a neon color. These are black and gray.  Is this a sign he is growing up?

We went to a place called Zoup for dinner.  It's sort of like a Panera Bread, but focused more on soups. Brandon choose a chicken potpie soup.  I ordered a tomato, spinach and wild rice soup.  It is really good!

My middle son stayed home from school today.  He has a sore throat and headache.  I've been giving him allergy medication for two days with no change.  In fact, it's been getting worse.  I made a doctor appointment just in case it isn't allergies.  I hate seeing my boys sick.

Youngest son has two hockey games this weekend.  They are both away and I am not looking forward to the traveling.  Last weekend we didn't have any games to attend. It was nice to have a weekend to ourselves.  That is not normal during hockey season.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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  1. Zoup - that sounds wonderful.

    At least you're going to get a little hockey this fall ... I'm hoping that the NHL can get a new CBA in place so we can have some hockey this fall!

    1. I remember the last lock out. We stopped getting season tickets. It sucks that they can't figure out how to get along!

  2. A place that has lots of soups... yum, right up my alley!!! I hate it when my kids are sick too. We just got over some major colds here and I'm glad to see everyone healthy again! Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Hope your middle son feels better! Sucks being sick! I guess you are use to being on the road I just love my weekends to much and glad Katelyn missed that athletic gene! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hope your son feels uber better soon!!

  5. Oh dear sorry about the cavities! :/
    We haven't had cavities so I have know idea how he feels.

    Ok I noticed Zach had braces.....when did he get them? The reason I asked is because when Katie got hers she had a few sore throats and headaches too. So that might be why he has a sore throat and headache or he just got plain ole sick. :)

    That Zoup places sounds good!

  6. I think those neon ones look like clown shoes but then I'm an old man.

  7. OH MY WORD... that soup you had sounds amazing!!! I think I need to go to Pinterest & see if there's a recipe for it!

    I loathe that numb feeling on my face. They say if you move around a lot, it wears it off quicker. Mark that for the future :)

  8. Are you telling me that I married a child? Because my soon to be 35 year old husband still picks out neon sneakers.

  9. Is now hockey season? It's a long cry from being winter. Not having any hockey players I'm woefully ignorant of hockey season dates.

  10. I love soup places. They are always good.

  11. Zoup sounds like an interesting place - we have something similar called Ladles...

  12. Heck, I'd probably pick out the neon sneakers for myself. Does that mean I'm in my, probably 3rd childhood stage?

    PS...I love soup...any kind!!

  13. It is nice when you have a free Saturday, but hope you enjoy watching his hockey games.

  14. The soup place does sound wonderful! Sorry your son is sick and hope he gets well soon!

    I always loved free weekends when my boys were young, but once you get there, you'll enjoy!

  15. A weekend at home during hockey season?? Well, by the looks of it, you may only your son's games to go to if the NHL doesn't get its mess together!

  16. Hey Tami! I hope your son feels better soon :)
    It must have been nice to spend that time shopping with your son and yay for no neon shoes lol haha kids and their fashions ;)
    Hope you are well, have a great week!!


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