Sunday, September 16, 2012

90 and looking good!

My Mommom turned 90 years old!
She is a feisty woman who loves to do the polka, have an occasional beer and flirt with the young me!
Yep, that's right… 90 years old and still kissing the guys.  :)
She may be slowing down and use a walker, but her spirit is strong and her sense of humor is still funny as ever.

Mommom and her daughters.  Nancy (my Mom) and Shirley (my Aunt).
 Mommom and two of her grandchildren. Tami (me) and Tiffani (my sister).
 Mommom and two of her great-grandchildren. Zachary and Brandon (my children).
Hosts of the party: Kent and Shirley (my uncle and aunt).

There were a lot of family to surprise my Mommom. I don't know how surprised my Mommom really was. She is a sharp lady and I am sure she suspected we were doing something special for her.
 I wish my Poppop could have been there to see this happy milestone.
  With todays busy schedule it is hard to keep in touch with such a large family.  It was nice to gather everyone together and catch up with them all.

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  1. How wonderful!! Happy birthday to her! so lovely that you all gathered to celebrate with her. love that.

  2. Happy Birthday Mommom R.! It looks like she had a lot fun. Wish we could have been there, but Kara(You know) got ill so we couldn't come. Whatcha gona do. ;)

    We all called her on her birthday and she was happy to hear from us and said we are welcome to come up anytime we want! :)

    Great pictures btw!

  3. She is so beautiful! Happy, Happy Birthday to your Mommmom. 90 years young

  4. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 90.Geburtstag auch von mir. das ist ja schon ein ganz schön hohes ALter und trotzdem noch so fit.

    Alles Liebe und Gute

    1. Danke Miriam,
      Ich hoffe, gut zu sein in diesem Alter.

  5. She looks fantastic! Good genes. Happy Birthday to her!

  6. I have to ask - what is the font you use for your post titles? I <3 it!

    1. I hired a really cool site "Sweet Simplicity Designs" to do my blog. The owner, Liz did all the fonts. Sorry, but I have no idea what font she used. I love it too!

  7. She seems like a lively one. So wonderful to have all the family together to celebrate her.

  8. What a special day. Your Mommom looks amazing. The top you were wearing on the day is very pretty.

  9. That's awesome. I love that she's still out and about at 90. I can only hope that I'm alive and kicking then! So awesome that you were all able to be together, and I have to ask... is that a rabbit she's holding in the last photo?

  10. wow! you are blessed with amazing genes. everyone looks fabulous!!
    happy birthday to your Mommom!


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