Monday, November 28, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

When I was 10 my mother left my father for another man.  I have a few memories of my father.  Some are good memories, like when he took me and my sisters ice skating, to chase a hot air balloon and to build us  a huge snow fort.  Some are bad.  I remember his anger and how scary it was.   I remember the day he sat me and my sisters down to tell us he and my mother were separating.  He was crying and told us how much he loved us.  

A few years later my mom married the man she left my dad for.  He was a bitter man.  He would sarcastically say cruel things to me and my sisters and then laugh about it.  This type of behavior went on even as I was an adult.  My step-father and mother manipulated my thoughts into believing my father was a drunk, a coward and a horrible person.  As a child, I was influenced by their words and began to hate my father.  By his choice, my father didn't come to my graduation nor come to my wedding.
I am not blessed to have a father that loved me, and hugged me, and told me every day how beautiful and wonderful I am. I am not blessed to have a father, that thinks of me as his wonderful little girl, no matter how old I get, no matter how many mistakes I make. I am not blessed to have a father that was there for me in my times of need, and there to celebrate when I succeeded.  I am not Daddy's little girl.

      Aa teenager I craved the love that my father (and step-father) was not providing.  I turned to other unhealthy means trying to fill that need.  I was I numb. I regret the decisions I made as a teen.  
     The lack of nurturing as a child left a hole in my heart.  I was not a whole person until I met the man I married.  The first time he put his arms around me I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and I felt safe.  I am blessed to have a husband who tells me he was proud that I even tried at all. I am blessed to have a husband who hugs me and who tells me I am beautiful.  Because of him, I have had more success than I could have dreamed of.  
     A small part of me feels like the little girl who felt no love; however, a larger part of me knows I am beautiful and worthy of love because my husband told me and showed me. 

My husband loves me more than any other man ever can.  I am blessed!

     Our sons will grow up knowing love and they will be a stronger better person for it. I know this, because I know I am a stronger and a better person by knowing my husband.  Someday our sons will realize how wonderfully blessed they are to have a father like him.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Lights

 Zachary and his friend, Cody hung up our Christmas lights this year. 

No falls off the ladder... 
no broken bones... 

and the house looks like it's ready for Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Valley Forge, PA

Valley Forge, PA was one of the locations that General George Washington set up his headquarters and an encampment during the Revolutionary war.  Currently it is a National Park that is a beautiful place for a picnic or taking a walk.  The park hosts many events.  One of my favorites is a reenactment of the Revolution.

I hope you enjoyed the view of Valley Forge.
Photo Credits:  Todd Miller.

Now lets head over to San Francisco and see what UNKNOWN MAMI is up to! 
Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I am not a huge fan of Black Friday.  I have no patience for finding a place to park, other shoppers pushing and shoving, being rude, butting into lines, cashiers not knowing what they are doing, kids crying, waiting in lines... oh my, I could go on...

However; this year my youngest son got up, showered and was ready by 8am for me to take him shopping for new clothes.  (A 14 year old boy up at 8am!  Unheard of in my house)(Shopping for clothes.... this is a new one for me. My other two boys could care less and wore whatever I bought).

My son said I needed to take advantage of the sales on Black Friday.  (His way of trying to manipulate me into getting what he wants).  I was brave and ventured out.  We were at the mall by 9am and home by 11am.   The mall wasn't as crowded as I thought, parked very close to an entrance, people were pleasant, cashiers were wonderful and friendly, didn't have to wait long in lines and everyone seemed to be in good moods!
4 sweater and 4 jeans... all at 50% off!!!  

Happy Shopping!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday my family celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday at my home.  The turkey smelled so good filling the house with a mouthwatering aroma.  There were many different types of stuffing to choose from: bread, oyster, pineapple and potato.  Other choices were sweet candied potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, string beans and rolls.  To top off the dinner was my favorite - DESSERT!  Pumpkin pie, apple pie, peanut butter pie and cherry pie!  Wow!  

The food was wonderful, but what I am really Thankful for is the people I was surrounded by who made my holiday a special one.  

I am Thankful for my husband, who loves me unconditionally.
I am Thankful for my boys, each with their own unique personality.
I am Thankful for my In-Laws, who inspire me to be a better person.
I am Thankful for my BFF & her husband, a person couldn't ask for better friends!
I am Thankful for my sister, who understand the way I tick.
I am Thankful for my blog and the friends I connected with.
I am Thankful for having the life I have and for those who share it with me.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Colonial Gardens

 Colonial Gardens is a local garden center in Phoenixville, PA that hosts a Haunted Gardens, Pumpkin Land and Hay Rides.  There is something fun to do for both kids and adults.  This year my husband was hired to take pictures of the Haunted House.  These pictures made the brochure Colonial Gardens used as an advertisement.

I'm a little late getting this posted... but thought the pictures were too cool not to share.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Comments Pictures
Weekend Comments Graphics

What Would You Do? (part 2)

This is what I did......
Took $150.00 to the bank.

Bought $150.00 worth of Pennies.

Unwrapped them and put them in containers.

and paid my bill with 15,000 pennies.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Would You Do?

What you would do if...

1.  You had a company perform a service, the invoice they provided was billed as $0.00.

2.   The company is owned by your step-father (of 30+ years) and you worked for him for 15 years as his office manager.

3.  You talk to the technician (who is your nephew) to tell him you still have the same issues and need him to return.  He tells you that step-father reprimanded him for spending "too much time" on the job and is not allowed to return.

4.  When your mother returns from vacation she finds a letter from step-father saying he is leaving her.

4.  You got a revised invoice in the mail for $150.00

5.  You are getting emails from the step-father stating if you don't pay, you will be taken to small claims court.

What would you do?

My husband the Photographer!

My husband is into photography. He has taken a few classes regarding portrait pictures.  He wanted to try out the some settings on his camera he never used before.  So I was his guinea pig.  

Tami & Teddy

The pictures were taken in our backyard with our dogs.
Tami, Teddy & Ellie
 Eventually my husband would like to take pictures as a career instead of a hobby. He has a great eye for taking pictures and is beginning to get creative.  The majority of the pictures on my blog were taken by him.  My favorite are the hockey pictures he takes of our son!

Todd's Picture Blog

Todd's Picture Challenge

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Corolla Wild Horses

One of the best things we did on vacation was take a jeep adventure on the Corolla beach in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  

I got to drive the jeep!

Outer Banks Spanish Mustang Horses (Banker Ponies)

We had to drive quite a few miles on the beach to see the horses.  It was a remote area on the beach.  The residents who live on the beach have no roads to get to their homes.  They have to take the same trek on the beach.  You could see the cable wires laying on the beach so the people could get electricity.
I wonder how many trips they take to the grocery store?
The wild horses were gorgeous.  It was amazing to see them grazing among the beach homes.  I was in awe of the beauty of it all.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to go on a great vacation!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Williamsburg Winery

During the summer we took a tour of The Williamsburg Winery.   This winery began in the 1600's when Jamestown was founded.  400 years later, the winery is thriving on 320 acres of beautiful rolling hills in Virginia.

It was as if I died and went to heaven surrounded by bottles and barrels of wine!

Heather & Tami

We sampled and compared some of the wines produced at the winery and got to take home an oversized etched reserve wine glass to remember our tour.