Thursday, November 3, 2011


We first got Riley as a puppy in 1999.  He was the cutest ever!  Oh, but did he cause a lot of commotion!   When you'd open the front door, he would take off.  If you left the kitchen, he was in the trash.  If the kids had a stuffed animal laying around, the stuffing would be out.  If someone passed by the house, he would bark non stop.  He loved to have his ears scratched.  He would play dead whenever he wanted a bone.  He would help us catch our pet rabbit when she got out of the cage (no, he never hurt the bunny!) He ate an entire tub of butter one Thanksgiving (took it right off the table when no one was looking).  

Riley was well loved and we will miss him!

April 1999 - February 2011

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