Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Lights

 Zachary and his friend, Cody hung up our Christmas lights this year. 

No falls off the ladder... 
no broken bones... 

and the house looks like it's ready for Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Merry Christmas everyone!!!Great job Zach and friend!! :)
    I bet those lights will look great!!

  2. Looks awesome!! Ask them what time they can be in Buffalo to hang mine!! lol!

  3. Now see, this is where having tall sons comes in handy! We did have a daughter's boyfriend here for the weekend and he hauled stuff up from the basement. That's a start : )

  4. Everyone has their lights up by us... except us. I've never done house lights. Is that wrong? That said, I LOVE the shorts with the sweatshirts, etc. Ahhh teen boys.

  5. Our house lights aren't anything to brag about. Some folks go all out. Usually my husband puts up the lights, but will wait until its so cold and close to Christmas (because he procrastinates). This year I had my son do it when the weather was 60 degrees outside. (Hense the shorts) (and yes, its awesome having tall boys because I am only 5'2").


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