Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I am not a huge fan of Black Friday.  I have no patience for finding a place to park, other shoppers pushing and shoving, being rude, butting into lines, cashiers not knowing what they are doing, kids crying, waiting in lines... oh my, I could go on...

However; this year my youngest son got up, showered and was ready by 8am for me to take him shopping for new clothes.  (A 14 year old boy up at 8am!  Unheard of in my house)(Shopping for clothes.... this is a new one for me. My other two boys could care less and wore whatever I bought).

My son said I needed to take advantage of the sales on Black Friday.  (His way of trying to manipulate me into getting what he wants).  I was brave and ventured out.  We were at the mall by 9am and home by 11am.   The mall wasn't as crowded as I thought, parked very close to an entrance, people were pleasant, cashiers were wonderful and friendly, didn't have to wait long in lines and everyone seemed to be in good moods!
4 sweater and 4 jeans... all at 50% off!!!  

Happy Shopping!!

5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I love that your son cares about clothes. I love that you took him shopping on Black Friday even though you don't normally partake.

  2. You did great! And it wasn't too badly crowded! You could not pay me to go to any malls or stores today. Way too crowded here... plus I really don't buy Christmas gifts any more, I donate, etc... also I read your Thanksgiving post below this one. YUMMY food!

    I want to share with you the reason I am in "hibernation" over on my blog. On Monday I am flying to NJ! Big secret: My siblings and I are throwing our mom a surprise 80th birthday party on Dec. 4. She would get wind of it if I talked about it over on the blog so, keep it under your hat and hopefully the blog will resume after the party. I am hoping for a good internet situation at my sister's house where I am staying. xo

  3. I use to have to do the "Black Friday" now that the boys are older and what they want for Christmas is not on the must have list, I am pushing my shopping day into Dec.. Looks like you did very well! I love the look of your blog, very nice!

  4. worth it, huh! i drug my 13 year old son to kohl's - mainly for shoes ... didn't find dress shoes he needs but did get some basketball shoes!! size 12!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!?


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