Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers brings May Flowers {Wednesday Hodgepodge}

1. April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. Are you blooming where you're planted as we begin the month of May?
After such a long, long, harsh winter… I am ready for spring.  I have opened up the windows on the warmer days.  The house feels more alive with all the fresh air.  Now if it would only stop raining…. 

2. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being no big deal, and 10 being full scale panic, rank your fear of spiders.
Spiders? 10++++++++++
Stink bugs are no problem.  

3. May is National Salad Month (who knew???)...besides lettuce, what are two must-have ingredients in your favorite salad?
Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese.

4. I mentioned on my blog last week that my Daughter1 will be moving to Washington State after she is married. Of the following sites in the Northwest, which would you most like to see in person-Crater Lake (Oregon), Seattle (Washington), Vancouver (British Columbia), San Juan Islands (Washington),  Mt. Rainer (Washington) Oregon Coast (Oregon), Mt. St. Helens (Washington), or Olympic National Park (Washington)
All sound lovely but Vancouver is speaking to me.

5. This coming weekend marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby...when did you last race (literally or figuratively) to cross a finish line?
Literally, last night at the gym running on the tread mill. 

6. What is something little you love?
Hugs from the little kids in my daycare. I'm lucky to get those frequently.

7. Would you say you are more of a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? Elaborate.
I asked my husband which he thought I would be.  He chuckled and said definitely not auditory because you are already partially deaf.  (He's right. My right ear can only hear at 25%).
I think I am more visual.  I read and use pictures more so than hands-on.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
The weather has been such a tease. We will get one day of sunshine and warmth before Mother Nature changes her mind and it begins raining and becomes chilly again.  Yes, April showers bring May flowers… but it has to STOP raining to enjoy the flowers!

Thank you Joyce for hosting Wednesday Hodgepodge.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Conversations with Zach {Random Puppy}

Mom, I woke up this morning with a random puppy in the living room.
(Random Puppy?)
(How do you wake up to a random puppy?)

You can't have a pet!

I think it's Geno's.  
Him and his girl broke up and he has class. LOL
(Love the grammar).

Who is Geno????

One of my friends.

He should have asked, don't you think?

He probably asked my roommate.

It's your apartment.  
If the puppy ruins anything, you are responsible.
He could pee on the carpet.

Already did but I cleaned it up. 
Calm down Mother.
(Calm down? Seriously?)

You need to take paper towels and step
 on them to really soak up the pee.

Yeah, it was just a little and I stopped him.

You realize puppies like to chew things up.
You have watch him.
I caught him a few times.
(Oh boy!)

Do you think I can take him in the car so I can
 go through drive thru?
(Now this is a cute question.)

If you don't have a dog crate, then yes, take the puppy.

He is a cute puppy.
Looks friendly too.

Doesn't bark or anything.

What does Geno plan on doing with the puppy?

He's coming back over to chill.
He's not just going to make it live with us.
(Make it live with us??)

He's probably going to try and give him away.
So this is the last time I'll see him probably.
(The word 'probably' is used to freely in this conversation).