Monday, August 19, 2013

What A Beach!

It's been an annual tradition to buy a puzzle during our beach vacation.
This year we chose a 1,000 piece puzzle: "What A Beach!" by White Mountain.
It's something fun for the kids and adults to do. Especially during one rainy day we had.
The faces of the people on the beach are of famous Americans 
(and a few other famous ones too).
How many famous people can you name?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The British are Coming!

A major party of American history was the Revolutionary War.   The early American legend tells us the Paul Revere road through the streets of Boston yelling "The British are coming!"  When in fact this is a myth.
In fact, Paul Revere never yelled "The British are coming!".  It wouldn't make much sense because  the majority of residence in Boston were mostly British during that time period.  (I'm kind of a geek when it comes to Early American History and it helps to know my husband, the history teacher).
Once I asked my husband "Why would Paul Revere shout "The British are coming!"
Weren't they were already here??
Todd and I went to a re-inactment at the Daniel Boone Homestead.
It was a very hot day. I couldn't imagine wearing wool uniforms in this heat.
The re-inactment was held at the Daniel Boone Homestead.
Daniel Boone is one of America's famous frontiersmen.
He moved his family to this homestead in 1730.
NBC aired a television show in the 1960s about Daniel Boone.
That is before my time, so I can't say if it was an accurate portrayal of Daniel Boone or not.
The re-inactment was a really neat experience.   It's one thing to read about the RevolutionaryWar and it's another thing to see it! At the end of the re-inactment the "troops" spoke to the crowd and answered questions any one had.

One boy asked, "Why did the British wear red?"

The 'soldier' had an interesting answer.  He said that when the muskets were fired, there was always a lot of smoke.  The bright colors helped the soldiers determine who was a friend or foe.
Interesting little tidbit I didn't know. (I told you I was a history geek!).

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skee Ball

One game I love to play in the arcade is Skee Ball.  It's similar to bowling, except it's played on an incline and with a fist sized ball.
The original Skee Ball game was invented in 1909 in Philadelphia, PA.   Skee-Ball, Inc. is located in Chalfont, PA.  Philadelphia and Chalfont are about 1 hour driving time from my home.
 The game show "The Price Is Right" has a game called "Super Ball" which originated from the Skee Ball game.
 Skee Ball is becoming a competitive sport. Leagues are forming in Washington DC and the Carolina states.
 For now, I will continue to enjoy playing in the arcade.
 I think my nephew could possibly earn a spot on a professional team...


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Zebras at Camden County Zoo

Zebra's are part of the horse family. 
Did you know every Zebra has a unique stripe pattern?
Zebra's stand up while sleeping.  A baby Zebra can walk after 20 minutes of being born.
The ears of a Zebra show's its mood.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Saturday we came home from our beach vacation.  It was nice sleeping in our own bed again.
Seeing our pets was a welcome sight. I sure missed my babies!
Brandon's girlfriend took care of the house and pets.  She had to spend the night because of our dog, Teddy.  Teddy has diabetes and gets up a few times in the middle of the night to go potty.  His bladder cannot hold out all night long.  Teddy is almost blind. He needs someone to direct him so he doesn't run into things or fall down steps.


We came home to a spotless house.  She did a fabulous job!
Zachary has been searching all summer for a job.  He has had quite a few interviews with no luck.  While we were at the beach, he got a call from Walmart.  This is Zachary's first job.  I can imagine his face when he gets his first paycheck and sees how much taxes are taken out. Welcome to the real world kid!
I read two books while I was at the beach.  I am a fast reader.  It rained Thursday, so I spent the entire day reading and got one book done that day.
The week before we left for the beach, I took a horrible fall.  I do not recommend falling on concrete and sliding onto macadam. My leg looked like someone scrapped a knife down it. Both of my feet had holes on the top. One hole was so deep, you could place a dime in it and it would be flat with my foot. Really nasty looking.  
Probably should have gotten stitches. The cuts did not heal enough for me to go on the beach.  I was afraid of the sand getting into the gouges in my feet (yes, they really were that bad). It looks infected in the picture, but that is really the scab process beginning. Everything is healing now. I think I will have a nasty scar though.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flower Face

 During the summer, downtown Ocean City NJ has a weekly 'family day' for the kids.
There are clowns who make balloons, crafts, face painting and more.
 We stopped at the face paint booth. My niece chose a flower to be painted on her face.

 Isn't she gorgeous?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gillian's Wonderland Pier

When the sun sets, Gillian's Wonderland Pier is the place to be in Ocean City, NJ.
Two of my favorite places to stop and enjoy on the boardwalk is the Fudge Kitchen and Polish Water Ice
 Fudge is chocolate.. enough said!
 I am not a fan of saltwater taffy. It's hard and sticky and doesn't really have that great of a flavor.  I don't know if saltwater taffy is something every beach has or if it's something just in our area.  Have you ever had it or know about it?
Polish water ice is a cross between custard and Rita's Water Ice.
You will get a brain freeze if you eat it too fast!
In my opinion, it is THE best water ice!
 My family would agree.
 What beach vacation wouldn't be complete without tacky boardwalk mini-golf?
Todd is behind the octopus. (Reminds me of 'Where's Waldo?')
Brandon has been taking golf lessons at home.
He thought this golf course would be a piece of cake.
Guess who beat him??

 The pier is filled with games and rides that is jammed packed with excited kids and broke parents, who are suckers and bought too many overpriced tickets.
 My favorite is the spinning bears.  It's like Tilt-a-whirl… but FASTER! WEEEE!
 Girls enjoyed it… Brandon did not…
 I am afraid of heights, so I just look and admire how pretty the ferris wheel is.
I was impressed that Brandon rode on quite a few rides with my 3 year old nephew.
(If the video doesn't workYou may have to have Instagram to view it).

My nephew was tuckered out from all the fun. =)
I don't know how he slept like that without getting a crick in the neck?!