Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skee Ball

One game I love to play in the arcade is Skee Ball.  It's similar to bowling, except it's played on an incline and with a fist sized ball.
The original Skee Ball game was invented in 1909 in Philadelphia, PA.   Skee-Ball, Inc. is located in Chalfont, PA.  Philadelphia and Chalfont are about 1 hour driving time from my home.
 The game show "The Price Is Right" has a game called "Super Ball" which originated from the Skee Ball game.
 Skee Ball is becoming a competitive sport. Leagues are forming in Washington DC and the Carolina states.
 For now, I will continue to enjoy playing in the arcade.
 I think my nephew could possibly earn a spot on a professional team...


9 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Love that game....reminds me of many summers at the shore! I can finally comment for some reason this week I can't leave comments on yours and Mrs. 4444's blog! Having time off this week it's nice to read and visit blogs again! Hope your summer is going great !

  2. It reminds me of being little & vacations in Gatlinburg... me & my mom would play all the time & get those tickets & trade them in for Tootsie Rolls... ahh man... memories <3

  3. I stink at it, but Skee Ball is my fav arcade game of them all. It's so much fun for any age!

  4. I want to see you in the big league lol, Skee Ball champ Tami :)

  5. I'm just an average player. Every once in awhile I get the middle circle and win a lot of tickets.

  6. Now you have to get 1,000s of tickets to win even a lollipop. Crazy!

  7. I had a hard time commenting on your blog too. Weird!
    I hope you had a wonderful summer too. Bittersweet with Kaityn going back to school.

  8. this makes me want to play skee ball. i don't know what it is, because i'm not super coordinated, but i usually have lots of luck with skee ball! :)
    i love that you and your family are always having fun together. <3


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