Friday, August 2, 2013


Greenwich, New Jersey… not to confuse it with Greenwich Village in NY.

We are on vacation - Todd likes to take pictures -  I like quaint historical sites.

Greenwich, NJ was on a Southern NJ website claiming to be a 'must see' location.

I checked out the Greenwich website and it looked like it would suit both of us and it was a place we've never been to. There were photos of landscape, a general store and colonial houses. The description of the history behind Greenwich sounded perfect.  It even boasted of an event similar to the Boston Tea Party.

Greenwich was a huge HUGE disappointment.
It took us an hour and half to get there. We were out in God's country.  Our GPS dumped us in the middle of know where, with miles and miles of fields and no civilization. The GPS said we'd arrive and "have to walk to our final destination". Seriously!?! We were lost with no cell reception.

We had no idea which way to go.
We guessed.
After a few miles and a few turns we found the "village".
The general store had been closed for over a year.
The 'colonial houses' belonged to occupied residents.
The site of the 'burning of the tea' was a monument enclosed in a small fenced in area.
Two girls selling lemonade.
We stopped - bought lemonade and cookies - and asked if there was anything to do or see in Greenwich.
The girls told us about a restaurant called "The Bait Box".
The Bait Box had the most horrible food I had ever tasted.
I took one sip of the French Onion Soup and spit it out.

While trying to navigate home, we found a bay.  It was your ordinary bay - with huge flies that bit up our arms and legs!

Someone, however, must have enjoyed the bay.
It sure wasn't us!
On our way home, we saw a huge eagles nest. It was empty.  I think the eagle didn't like the Greenwich either.
On our way home, we had to navigate through some downed trees.
We couldn't wait to get of of Greenwich!!

10 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Oh man I couldn't help but chuckle through this entire post. Like somehow worse keeps finding its long lost relatives.What a BUMMER!! But what a great story too (of a lousier than lousy it's so laughable- later at least!) getaway. Ha. Somehow things just never go quite as planned! It's funny too the differences between couples. Josh is more, go see go do. I am more, take my time read all about it, capture some pics. I have to remind him to slow down ;-)

  2. Oh no... I am so sorry - and I feel really bad you kept making me laugh!

  3. But it made a good blog post. LOL

  4. When we got back to the beach house, we did laugh about it. =)
    Typically it's the opposite for us. Todd loves to go places and explore. I like to take it slow and observe everything around me.

  5. I was kind of laughing as it was happening. We kept saying "What's going to happen next?" LOL

  6. Oh no. nothing worse than an adventure gone sour. my "beach day" was similar. I got everything ready and dashed out the of the house -- only to arrive as the big storm clouds rolled in and raindrops began to fall. bitter disappointment - had looked forward to a day at the beach to read and write; and here I find myself driving back home in a storm.

    better luck next time for both of us!

  7. It should be a given that sun must shine on a beach day. Bummer for you and your family!!
    Lady luck better be with us next time. =)

  8. Hehehehe this post was funny lol

    And that soup does look disgusting!!

    Oh boy oh boy, what a day trip this turned out to be...and I wonder if the girls deliberately gave you a dodgy restaurant recommendation hahaha


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