Monday, July 29, 2013

Ellie and the Birds

Do you remember my dog, Ellie and her saga with a frog? If not, you can read it  HERE.
The story continues with the birds…
There once was a dog named Ellie
Ellie loves to chase the birds.
The birds chirp in the trees and laugh,
"You can't catch me!"
Birds sit on a garden post asking,
"How fast can you be?"
Another takes a bath,
right in front of Ellie.
 Ellie jumps and barks right back,
"I only want to play, Bird-ee!"


13 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Yeah - my dogs don't wanna play so much... walked out yesterday to find a dead mole. Those surprises are always eye opening :)

  2. Nice story for the pictures. Does Ellie have favorite toys that squeak and look like birds?

  3. Ellie better be a nice doggie and leave those birdies alone. You're all to cute.

  4. Ellie can't keep a squeaky toy for more than a few hours. She tears them all to pieces. I suppose she likes to go for the 'real thing'. =)

  5. Better than the dead bunny she brought to my door. :(

  6. Those birdies better watch out - Ellie might be a lot faster than they think if they annoy her I too much.

  7. These pictures are gorgeous! I love birds but I kinda hope she catches one, one day. Can you imagine how delighted she would be??

  8. Awwww Ellie looks like she has a good heart and does just want a new friend.
    I had a husky. this husky loved squirrels. she loved them so much she would wait at the bottom of a tree for hours just waiting for one to come down. She so wanted to be with one that she could jump and pluck one right of the air when it tried to jump. to safety. because my dog actually just loved to eat them. also, birds. mice. lost cats. And once, she tried to take on a fisher. (a really really ferocious weasel type animal - just Google it.) She even chased and tried to take a cow once.

    Actually, I'm now kinda wondering if I actually bought a wolf. :o

  9. Yes, they should. She's caught a few in the past.

  10. Thank you Cyndy. Ellie is very proud if she catches something. She brings it to me wagging her tail. Her faces says "Look Mommy! Look!".

  11. A cow?! Ellie's chased a lot of things, but not a cow. Perhaps given a chance she would. LOL


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