Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kitchen Kettle

Kitchen Kettle Village is in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. It is famous for it's Pennsylvania Dutch quilts, crafts and home-made furniture.
Note: the name of the town Kitchen Kettle Village is located in is called Intercourse.  There are other towns nearby that are Virginville, Bareville, Blue Ball and Paradise.

Yummie, the gingerbread-man was there to greet the overly excited, young-at heart, silly grownups children.
In the middle of the village two men playing banjo's entertained the shoppers.
A Conestoga Wagon was on display.
The Amish men are known for wearing these straw hats.
The Amish do not drive cars. The kids are seen riding these scooters as a means of transportation.
The adults and their families ride in a horse and buggie.
Horse and buggies are a common site in the Amish Country.
This is an Amish farm next to Kitchen Kettle Village.
I wasn't able to get closer for better pictures.
It was a 90+ degree, but FUN day!


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  1. this was a blast from the past :-)
    glad you enjoyed your day

  2. It's so beautiful!
    And really? Blue balls? *giggle*

  3. All I can say is, I want to go.

  4. It is a unique place to go. The Amish do not like to get their pictures taken, so it is hard to capture the true spirit of the place.

  5. We have an Amish community that we visit often. We have been to Lancaster Penn. Love it!

  6. What a cool place -- so much to see. I admit, however, that I noticed "Intercourse" right away. :-)
    Have a great week!

  7. Sounds like a sexy area of the country. I've seen Amish in Indiana.

  8. A radio station I listen to was talking about the names of those towns one day! Too funny! There are some Amish communities around here too though I have never gone to any of them.

  9. What are do you live in (if you don't mind me asking)?

  10. My sister lives in Alabama and is a mid-wife for the Amish community there.

  11. I thought I'd point it out, just in case. ;-)

  12. Next time, give me a ring and we can tour Lancaster together!

  13. So you probably know a few Amish families? I'm sure your sister knows a number of kids she help bring into the world. Does being a midwife for them require you to be Amish too? When I think of them, farms, buggies, good food and Al Yankovic's song "Amish Paradise" come to mind.

  14. I am still stuck on the fact that there is a town called Blue Balls. Sure my husband has been there....probably around the time of pregnancy #3 when I was hospitalized for 5 weeks and then put on bed rest until the birth. LOL
    I have an Amish quilt that my mom bought me for my wedding. It is just beautiful. so well hand crafted and unique. I love it. We also used to get our butter from a Mennonite family. freshly churned -- best butter ever!

  15. I live in the St.Paul/Minneapolis metro in Minnesota.

  16. I can see why your husband was there. LOL
    I didn't realize Amish Mennonites were in Canada too. Any food made by the Amish is yummy!

  17. I don't personally know any Amish families. My sister lives a few states over. She isn't Amish. The Amish community doesn't go to hospitals. A midwife is something they rely on when their children are being born. My sister said she has been offered a few pigs for payment. =)


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