Monday, July 1, 2013

Hopewell Furnace

The "Big House", home of the Ironmaster.
You can find more about Hopewell Furnance Historial Site HERE.



 Tenant House

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Unknown Mami


8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I love the scenery! It's so pretty!

  2. I detect a slight smile on the woman's portrait. They took such stoic pictures. I don't think you were allowed to move or the picture would blur. nice pics

  3. I think you are correct. The subjects couldn't move. No wonder they didn't smile… it took to long for the camera to go off. LOL

  4. Audrey, it was very pretty. Peaceful too. I love the country life.

  5. Thanks Cyndy! The pictures don't do it justice. It was a cloudy day.


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