Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brandon's Devil Birthday Cake

 Happy Birthday to you...
 Happy Birthday to you….
 Happy Birthday dear Brandon...
 Happy Birthday to you...
 Happy Birthday birthday to you!
 You'd think it was my nephew, Tyce's birthday by the way he is blowing out the candles.
Brandon was a gracious cousin and let Tyce have all the fun!

My BFF made Brandon's cake.  For those who don't follow ice-hockey: the symbol on the cake is the New Jersey Devils logo.  The Devils are Brandon's favorite hockey team.  What makes it even better is what was UNDER the cake!!
New Jersey Devils rival - my favorite team - Philadelphia Flyers!

Happy 16th Birthday Brandon.
I love you - even if you are a NJ Devils Fan.

6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. haha! I love your hockey obsessions :)
    Happy Birthday Brandon!
    Sweet 16 ... ahh - memories :)

  2. It's fun having something in common with my teenage son. Many teenagers hide from their "embarrassing" parents. LOL

  3. Happy Birthday to your son and how sweet of him to let his little cousin blow out the candles!

  4. Hey how about those Blackhawks? From the pics it appears he enjoys watching his little cousin take on the Flames (how that for slipping another hockey reference in there)

  5. awesome cake!! and so cute that your nephew got in on the fun and helped blow out the candles! love the name tyce...never heard it neat! xoxox

  6. Happy birthday Brandon! Awesome cake too.


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