Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I have some pretty amazing blog friends!
Not only do we have a friendship through blogging, but also through snail-mail.
 Kerry made this beautiful picture and frame with my blog name.
 She also sent me really cool gifts from Australia.
The Snickers and Cadbury chocolate bar were eaten in no time at all.  
Audrey knows how much I love Snickers and sent me T.W.O. bags from the west coast to the east coast of the USA!
Notice one of the bags was opened before I even took the picture.
The best gift is the friendships I have made with both of these awesome ladies!
I am blessed to have formed friendships with Kerry and Audrey, even though we have never met in person.
Sending Hugs and Kisses!
How about you? Who have you formed relationships with through blogging?

9 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. That's always the coolest... I've met some amazing people through blogging that we keep in contact through the snail mail.. those are always the most fun surprises!

  2. I've met one of my blogger friends. She is from Alaska but visiting her sister in New Jersey (about 2 hours away from me). It was exciting to meet her!!
    I also found another blogger who only lives about 20 minutes from me. We haven't met yet, but I hope to soon. =)

  3. I love my blog friends! The nicest people in the world blog!!

  4. Kerry is Aces mate!!! love her. And I love Audrey's Friday Funnies....where they at girl?
    Some people think that by blogging I don't have real life friends, or avoid real life friends...or whatever it is they think. but that is sooo not true. Of course I still have those RL connections: but thanks to blogging, I am That Much More Enriched and Blessed.

  5. Right on! I have RL friends too and do leave my house. LOL Sometimes finding the time to balance life can be a challenge. That doesn't mean I do not appreciate or stop caring about all my RL and Blog Friends. =)

  6. OOOh I know who that is!! One day (maybe 2015 at this stage) we will all meet up!!

  7. I think you are pretty awesome too Les!!! I feel so enriched and blessed everyday which keeps me coming on back to blogging (even when I fall WAY behind!)

  8. You are very welcome Tami!! Oh and Audrey, if you are reading this; those Snickers bites look sooo good!! Let's keep sending Tami stuff and fatten her up lol

  9. I have met so many sweet friends through blogging. I would love to have a huge movie, hang out party with them just to get to know them better. But being so spread out, that's just hard to do :-(


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