Friday, June 13, 2014

Conversations with Brandon {World Travel}

Todd is going to England in a few days.  Brandon was asking questions about the places his Dad is traveling to.  (Note: Brandon is 16 years old).

Brandon:  Is Dad going to London Paris?

Me: Wait. What?

Brandon:  Isn't Paris in London.

Me: (chuckle). 
No, Paris is in France and London is in England.

Brandon:  Oh, for awhile there I thought Dad was going to New England.

Me:  (Laughing.)

Brandon:  Where would you like to go Mom?

Me:  I'd love to go to Ireland again.

Brandon:  I wouldn't want to go to a foreign country.  I'd go to Mexico.

Me:  (ok, now really laughing hard!)

Brandon: What??  Mexico's on the same side as us.

Me:  (Crying because I can't stop laughing).


4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Lol! That is hilarious!!! Our son kept asking to go to London where the fair was. We realized he meant Lynden, the town, and had just misheard it!

  2. HA! Lynden / London. I'd still start giving Andrew world geography lessons right away. ;-)

  3. the same side of the world? Funny. Geography is not his strong point I guess. Maybe I should thank the rock-n-roll British invasion for learning about the UK early on.

  4. Hee Hee love it! I'm laughing too because I'm geographically challenge too! I thought once the UK was just England ...hope Todd has a great time! My sister and niece are there now.


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