Friday, June 27, 2014

Father's Day & Brandon's Birthday

In spirit of the World Cup, our family held their own soccer game.
My niece loves her cousin, Brandon.
She was happy he played her favorite sport, even if they were on opposing teams.

 We celebrated Father's day with a picnic at our house.
Todd is pictured with his Dad and Brother. 
Our friend, Chad is considered a part of the family too!
 I am thankful that these wonderful guys.
They are good men who make our lives better and bless their children by actions and examples.
I say, Thank You!!

My BFF made Brandon's cake.
As always, it was very good!
 I forgot to buy candles. Brandon had to blow out a lighter.
The next day, some of my day care kids sang Happy Birthday to Brandon.
This time I remembered the candles.


3 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Ha Ha - blow out a lighter - now that could be tricky. Great pics of the family having fun.

  2. A wish is a wish no matter how it happens, I hope Brandon had a wonderful Birthday! Happy weekend !

  3. Awww Happy birthday to your 11 year old! Such cute photos.


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