Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday morning musings

This weekend was rough for me because I have been really sick. Even so, I couldn't let that stop me from going to the boys games. Zachary had a lacrosse game. The first period was harsh and they were losing 8 - 0. The second period them came back and tied 8-8, but ended up losing 11- 9. Zachary go to try out the center position where the ref drops the ball and the two opponets fight for it (similar to dropping the puck in hockey). He also got a shot on net and an assist. Not bad for his 4th game. / Brandon had two games. The first one they lost 3 - 0 against Chester County Cougars. This team was actually a higher level, but we accepted to play to have an extra game in the schedule. The Cougars are not normally in our hockey league. The second game they played against NJ Princeton and won 4 - 0. Bradon is gaining more confidence on defense and skating the puck up. Before he would just dump it. He really was checking hard in this game too. I was so proud of both boys.
Yesterday we got our tree but didn't have time to put it up. Hopefully tonight we will decorate. Usually I have everything done Thanksgiving weekend. This years hockey tournament put me behind. And being sick - I didn't have any extra energy to even try. I'm starting to feel a little bit better now. Just a dry cough and headache.

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