Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 2008

I hung up Brandon's hockey trophies on his bedroom wall.
and Martin Brodeur's jersey.  He is Brandon's favorite hockey player.
I also bought Brandon hockey sheets and blanket.
Todd ripped up the carpet in our hallway and replaced it with Pergo.

 My cousin, Tara and her husband Andy live in CA with their two children, Breck and Piper.
They came home to visit for the Christmas holidays.

Mommom and Piper

 Aunt Shirley and Piper
 Mommom playing skeetball.
 Aunt Shirley, Uncle Kent and Piper
 Andy and Breck
 Breck and Uncle Kent celebrating Uncle Kent's birthday.
 Breck's first time with snow.
 Breck and Tara.

 Zachary's pet hamsters.


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