Monday, March 23, 2015

HS Hockey Champions!

Daniel Boone Blazers was the highest ranking team throughout the season, only losing one game.
Tonight they played the third seeded team in the league, Twin Valley.
Twin Valley played an excellent defensive game that shut down our top scoring players. 
The game was a nail biter! It was 1-1 the entire game and went into OT.
2-1 OT to win the East Penn Scholastic Hockey League Tournament!

In this picture Brandon is skating away from his teammates, wearing the C on his jersey.
Brandon is in the first row, next to the goalie with the blue jersey and under his coach.

When Brandon was a freshman his team only won one game.  By his senior year they were the top team in the league.  It couldn't have been a more sweeter victory for Brandon. Winning the championship his final hockey game for his high school hockey club.
Aiden, Frank and Brandon holding the trophy.

One of the Dads was took a video of the game.
You can check out some of the highlights.   If you want to look out for Brandon is number is #54.  VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS HERE
 Newspaper Article in the Reading Eagle HERE

Congratulations to Daniel Boone Ice Hockey League
2014-2015 Champions


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