Thursday, August 30, 2012

9 Lives

I believe a cat has 9 lives.  

My precious Libby gave me quite a scare Sunday morning.  She began meowing in pain, a loud long cry for help.  I picked her up and put her on our bed.  She laid there lethargically on her side panting heavily with her tongue hanging out.  The dogs were going nuts. They must have sensed there was something wrong.

I called the emergency vet number, wrapped her in a blanket and had her transported there within a 1/2 an hour.   She cried softly the entire way there.  Once or twice I thought she took her last breath.  When we got there the wonderful folks at the emergency vet clinic had her in an exam room right away.

She didn't show any fluid in her lungs or around the heart, her temp was only 1 degree lower than normal and her footpads were still pink.  It's possible she pulled a muscle (she is pleasantly plump) while jumping or running.  They gave her a pain medication that would last for three days.

It's been a few days and she is doing well.  Back to eating and drinking.. and eating  and eating...

12 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. It's pretty scary when our pets are sick since they can't tell us what's wrong! Hope she's better and stays that way!

  2. WHEW!!! That is a relief!! I know how frightening it is when your precious pet does not feel well... Glad Libby is going to be ok!!! xo

    1. The tears were flowing while I held her like a baby. I'm glad Todd drove to the vet. I wouldn't have able to see. I honestly thought we would have had to put her down. She was in that much pain. I'm relieved it worked out and she is doing well.

  3. Yikes that is never fun...I hope she continues to do well!

  4. haha poor Libby!
    Libby needs to go on a diet! LOL :)

  5. Poor Libby! Glad to hear she is feeling better!

  6. ah, poor kitty. glad to hear she is doing well.

  7. I know that feeling. So happy Libby is home where she belongs! Hugs to all

  8. Glad to hear that your kitty is doing better ... that must have been a scary ride to the emergency vet clinic.

  9. Glad she's doing better Tami. Hope the vet bill wasn't too high and that Libby stays well.


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