Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mad Dog Hot Sauce

Todd and I found a cute kitchen store while we were vacationing in Ocean City, NJ.  One thing we found was MAD DOG Hot Sauce.
This killer sauce will blow you away!  It is blended with
  •  Chile extract, 
  • fresh Habanero peppers,
  •  Cayenne peppers, 
  • garlic and onion.

This particular hot sauce came with a little bullet. When you twisted the bullet, a tiny spoon came out.  This spoon measured how much hot sauce you should use while cooking.

In order to understand why we would actually purchase a $20 bottle of the Hottest Hot Sauce ever made, you have to know the story of our son, Zachary.

When Zachary was young, he would put ketchup on everything.  It was crazy how much ketchup that child ate.  As he grew into his teenage years, he developed a love for hot sauce
And YES, he puts hot sauce on everything

At the beach the guys decided to have a Russian Roulette contest with the hot sauce.  The hot sauce was placed on one piece of a Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel then mixed on a plate with plain pretzels.

 The guys then had to pick one pretzel and eat it.
Brandon ended up being the loser
He drank and drank and drank, trying to cool off his mouth.
My son (who can take the pain that goes along with being a physical hockey player) was taken down by a little teenie weenie dot of hot sauce!
Zach later admitted he won't use this hot sauce, because it's too hot! 
I never imagined there would be a hot sauce that Zachary would turn down!!


6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. We love hot sauce, too, but no longer need the super blazing fire. If we can no longer taste the food, it just makes no sense. Sunday mornings we have a big American breakfast with omelettes, bacon, toast and, yep, hot sauce. I am not a ketchup lover. I find it too sweet.

  2. I've never liked hot sauce. I am still a 'sweet' girl and will use ketchup. Just not on eggs.

  3. Yikes I have heart burn just thinking about it!

  4. When Todd opened the bottle across the room the smell was so strong my eyes began to water.

  5. I enjoy spicy hot food but when it is too much I have tears and then the hiccups. It's tough to just hit your limit and not over. Also, (you probably know) people have different taste sensors on they tongues. Some are considered "super tasters" (that's what I remember). So what is hot for one might not be so hot for another. Cool bullet idea.

  6. My hubby LOVES his hot sauce. can NEVER get it too hot for him. Will have to check this out. Poor Zach. PS) In case you wonder where TaryTerre is. It is I. Your new commenting thing will only let me use my email name.


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