Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hockey Fight

Brandon had a hockey game on Saturday morning. A boy on the opposing team was playing dirty most of the game; hitting one boy on the head with his stick, tripping, checking from behind, etc. At the end of the game this boy was pushing the goalie. Brandon and his friend, Jack pushed the boy away from the goalie. According to the Brandon and Jack, this boy asked if they "wanted to fight" right before he punched Jack in the face. Jack and the boy fell to the ice and Brandon proceeded to get angry and punch the boy repeatedly. The ref had to tell Brandon to stop and he got kicked out of the game. He also got suspended for fighting and could not play at Sunday's game. The player from the other team only got a penalty for roughing. Doesn't seem fair to me, but that is the way the ref called it. We do not promote fighting, but I was glad Brandon stood up for his team mates. While Brandon watched his team play on Sunday he said "I see why this is a punishment." He really wanted to be out there on the ice playing. I think Brandon learned a lesson today.

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  1. Cousin Brad would be proud of you, Brandon!


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