Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is why I love hockey. {Sunday In My City}

I love watching my son play hockey.

Especially when he does this…
and this...
and this….
 and this...
 and THIS!
 Brandon is a defenseman and he is really good at what he does.
This is why I love hockey!

Unknown Mami
I hope you enjoyed the view from my city.  
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7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Good photos! But doesn't it make you cringe a little? Hockey is a fast paced sport to watch tbough. Makes it fun.

  2. Nice! Nice work on the boards. that's hockey! <3

  3. I really love living in Europe and there's a great minor-league team close by but I do miss my Philadelphia Flyers!

  4. He has been playing since he was in 3rd grade. I don't cringe at all. I love the physical aspect of the game. Brandon tends to be the one "checking", not the other way around. So I suppose that helps me not cringe. LOL

  5. Yep! I really enjoy watching him. He is a smart player and reads plays well. I also like to see his smile after he completes a huge check. =)

  6. Don't worry, the Flyers are doing to well this year, so you aren't missing much. At least you have the minor-league hockey team. It's better than no team at all. :)

  7. good thing he is the size he is and not smaller. good check


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