Friday, March 30, 2012


***My youngest son is participating in a hockey clinic this weekend.  He is excited because he gets to teach younger hockey kids techniques and other related hockey stuff that he says I do not understand.  What do I know, right? I'm just a hockey mom.  ;-)

***Same son was at hockey lessons. He went to undress in the locker room.  To his dismay there was a mom in there putting on her very young son's hockey gear.  I was wondering what was taking my son so long to change.  He came out with the top gear off but bottoms still on.
I asked "What are you doing?"  
"There is this lady in there with kids and I can't change?"  
"Why?" I ask.
  "I have no underwear on."  

***Last weekend hubby made me two raised garden boxes.  I finally planted lettuce seeds.  About a month late than recommended.  When I do plant early the lettuce grows before the tomatoes and peppers.  So what the point if you can't enjoy a salad without other veggies?

***Anyone know how to get those pesky bugs off the front of the car?  I went to the car wash and used a high pressure sprayer.  It looks better, but still yucky.

Happy Weekend!!!


8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. those small potatos are so cute!!! Sweet little voices.

    Maybe your son will wear underwear....

    I love lettuce because it always regenerates and you continuously have salad on hand!!

    Have a great weekend Tami! I saw your lovely comment about Shane. We are hoping the lady who is very interested in him will take him. Shane will meet her 2 children and Boston Terrier this weekend. Fingers crossed!!

  2. When we wash our car, there are bugs on the front of our car too! So what I do is take a(your) scrubber, or what ever that thing is called that you put on your hand, and lots of soap and scrub it really hard!!!! If you do it by hand, the results are great and the car will be nice and clean! You will be able to see your face in it!! LOL
    Why was Brandon not wearing any underwear!?!?
    Those little potatoes are very cute! :)
    Have a great day!


  3. I guess you didn't know his underwear-hockey habits. Sounds like he enjoys the freedom of going commando. Your plant growing - nice but it's a good thing you don't grow wheat for the bread and milk cows for the butter because everyone would starve while you timed it right.


    That was about your son's little hockey locker room story!

  5. What's that mom doing in the locker room anyway? The kid can't dress himself but he's old enough to play hockey? Bet your son will wear underwear next time.

    1. This kids were very young. Mom had to help with uniform and tie skates. Kids can start at the age of 4 to play hockey.

  6. Who wants just lettuce in their salad? That's just silly.


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