Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mama's gone Gray!

Last weekend was CRAZY busy.
Brandon had FIVE hockey games.
One Friday night, three Saturday and one on Sunday for a Shamrock Tournament.
 He came home Saturday evening and CRASHED!
Slept in on Sunday until it was time to go to the next game.
Refreshed and ready to go!
  I was exhausted ecstatic driving place to place and watching the games.
I don't know how he does it.


Zachary went on a job interview at a new ice cream store.
  It is located right out of our development, so very convenient for us Zach.
We have begged asked Zach to find a job for a few years now.
There are a lot of people interviewing, so cross your fingers for him.


Ahren accumulated a large debt within one weekend.
  Four citations!
Turning left on a red light.
Driving without valid insurance.
Expired Inspection.
Expired Registration.
Whopping $600.00!
When he did get his car inspected it cost him an additional $350.00

Seriously son?? 
 He is almost 23 years old!!  
We paid his insurance until he turned 21.  He did well keeping up with his payments until recently.
I am frustrated!
I don't think I'd be a good parent if I paid his fines for him.
 He needs to learn a hard lesson.


After this weekend, it's no wonder I am turing gray!


12 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. that's a lot of rink time for you! wow. kinda happy my guy likes swimming -- they keep it quite warm there.

    definitely a hard lesson learned for your eldest. I think not paying the fines for him is a good call. men certainly do seem to learn best when cash flow is affected.

    1. It's weird, I know, but I don't mind a cold hockey rink (as long as it has heaters). LOL!

  2. Those lefts-on-red cause horrific accidents. This could be a lesson that saves lives. The responsibility for his driving is his not yours. He should be asking for forgiveness not money from you.

  3. Ahren is 23???? WOW Tami you look super glam for having a 23 year old! That is a lot of citations. They always think "it will not happen" but it does! If he was our son we would bring him to court with Mr. O so he could see how such carelessness sets him up for big life lessons!!! Also no insurance! Not good! Just think if he had an accident. Major major consequences.

    Good luck to the job seeker!

    1. ***BLUSH*** Thanks for making me feeling 'super glam'. :-)

  4. Yikes that's a lot for one weekend! I'd be grey too!

  5. Oh my. Sounds like your son is in deep water. My daughter is about to be evicted and asked us what to do. It would cost almost 2000 to cover the rent. She lives in Arizona. We live on a fixed income and do not have it to give. I worry about will happen to her. I guess at some point, these children we reared must fend for themselves. Good luck to yours.

    1. Yes, you are right! Time for them to grow up!

  6. Oh MY!! How is Ahren going to pay for all of that!?!? Tell Zach i said to dress and act professionally if he wants to nail a job!


  7. God Bless You! I don't know how you have time to turn 'gray'. I'm exhausted just reading your account of the weekend.


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