Monday, October 19, 2009

Hockey Season!

Here are a few pictures from Brandon's hockey game. This year he moved up from the B team to the A team. Brandon took some private lessons over the summer and has really improved his game. I am very proud of him and his motivation to improve. There are alot of newer players and the team is struggling. We are planning to do a hayride with the team this Friday to try to get the boys to know each other better and to have some fun! It will be dark, but I'll try to get photos!

2 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Brings back memories. I learned how to ice skate in hockey. I only played for 2 years then moved on to the more girlie sport of figure skating.

    The hayride sounds like a great way for the kids to get to know each other!

  2. I remember ice skating as a girl, but never played hockey. There are so many girls who play in Brandon's league. He had one girl on his team last year.


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