Wednesday, February 10, 2010

* Snow * Snow * Snow *

We have been hit by two major storms. The first storm came last week and we got about 16" - 18" of snow. The second storm began last night and hasn't stopped in almost 12 hours. We are expected to get between 18"-24" from this storm. All I know is that the snow is up to our mailbox! The boys are having a GREAT time! They have been snowboarding, sledding and making igloos. Ahhhh! to be young again!

We have four cars in our driveway.

Zachary going down the neighbors hill.

Front view of our house.

Digging out the cars.

How many more weeks of winter????

5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I keep reading blog posts about all that snow and just shake my head. Where on earth can you put it all? Hopefully this will be it for a while!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! THAT is a lot of snow!! And that is one of the many reasons I moved to Oregon. I don't even own a snow shovel. (of course last year was a huge exception;)

  3. I think we might be neighbors!! Enjoy!!! xoxo

  4. Oh, we know about snow in our parts too (NE)...ugh..
    However, it does make for lovely photos! I esp. enjoyed the hockey player!
    Glad to check out your blog again! I took a break from blog world for awhile!

  5. Oh man!!I want sow. I do, I do!! Of course Shady Lady would disagree... but I really would love some snow in good old Oregon. :)


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