Saturday, October 29, 2011


Brandon has skated since he was 4 and has played hockey since he was 7. He has always played defense and is really good at it. I know.. I know... I have a biased opinion...  but he is good at what he does. His nickname is Moose afterall!  
Recently he decided he wanted to try playing offense with the high school team.   While watching him on the ice, it was interesting to see him slip back into a defensive position.  Playing defense is comfortable and what comes naturally to him.  His first high school game and first time playing offense did not go as he planned.  After suffering a devastating loss, the captain of the team asked Brandon to play defense.  He said, "We really need a good defensive player."  Brandon was disappointed that he wouldn't have a chance to play offense, and yet I could tell he was flattered to have been recognized as a good defensive player.
The stories Brandon tells me after playing a game can be just as entertaining as watching him on the ice!  Last evening he told me he was "egging" the other team on with his witty remarks.  During one play an opposing teammate fell on top of Brandon and didn't get up right away.  Brandon said to the guy "Next time buy me dinner first!"
Being "spunky" does not fall far from the apple tree.  Those who know me frequently say Brandon is definitely my son!  I admit I do get a bit crazy watching him play.  I cheer loudly (but positively). So my question is.... is it wrong to cheer my son on when he "crushes" another player? One of my favorite sounds is the loud banging the boards make when Brandon pushes another player into them at full speed. Am I that crazy of a hockey mom to be proud of my son for committing hockey violence?

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