Thursday, February 23, 2012

When is nudity artful? - For adult eyes only!

When is nudity artful? 
I blurred out a portion of this picture to keep it less offensive.
My husband has been taking photography classes and went on a photo shoot with a nude model.  The photo above is a sample of the pictures he took.  I viewed all the photos he had taken.  Some I thought showed too much and others (where certain body features were covered up) I found tastefully done. 

I got a lot of comments from other women like "Doesn't it bother you that he takes nude photos?
Truthfully, at first it did.  After I saw that the pictures were not pornographic, I felt more comfortable with it. I know he is going to the photo shoots for artistic reasons. 

What are your thoughts about nude photos being taken?
I'd like to hear your opinion.

10 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I think the human body is the ultimate form of art. Art is the ultimate form of human expression. When you wrote, "After I saw that the pictures were not pornographic, I felt more comfortable with it." I really think that's the moment you stopped seeing a nude woman, and started truly seeing your husband.

    "Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in." ~Amy Lowell

  2. I think it is exactly like you long as it is not pornographic, I think the human body should be celebrated. We are beautifully and wonderfully made!
    As for my husband being the one behind the camera, it might be a bit weird/awkward - but there's a big difference between a classroom setting and a dingy motel. you know?

  3. I find nothing wrong with nudity as long as it is tasteful and not for wrong intention. There are FKK places here (like nude beaches) and a friend of mine is an artist who does nude pictures. She belongs to an art group where each week they have a different nude model. The body, especially the female form, is considered on of the most expressive art forms. She's asked me to be a model but I've declined. When I was younger and more fit, I probably would have done it but I find my current form less than artful.

    My husband and his colleagues receive a girly calendar each year from a vendor. It hangs in their office. It is NOT pornographic. There are 12 black and white photos, all tastefully done. Each year when it arrives I flip throuh and guess who his favorite is. I'm usually right. My colleague and I also recieve a guy calendar for our office. It is also b & w and very artsy. No one thinks badly of it, but then again...this is Europe. Different midset, I guess. No one gets in a tizzy because they appreciate the artistic side of it. Of course, if it were Hustler type stuff then that would not be appropriate for the workplace.

  4. Forgot to say...

    I think it is wonderful that you are understanding of your husband's photos. Not only do you support his photography hobby but it shows how much you love and trust him.

  5. Hi...thanks for visiting my hodgepodge and leaving a comment. Much appreciated. And as I read your Wednesday post, I felt 'honored' in reading your response to Joyce's question "define honor" must be so proud or your grandfather ---he deserves accolades from us all being a Navy man in any war is quite honorable if you ask me. And so, you too are a bit obsessive compulsive, huh? I live with a hubby of the same....he even fold his socks at night and throws them in the laundry shoot. LOL

    Okay...on with nudity and your question you ask at the end of your post today---nudity can be quite beautiful and artful if done in a beautiful and artfully...tastefully way. But when it comes to porn and, I don't like it. Of both sexes actually. Now, if my hubby were photographing nudes, I'd make sure I had my turn at the very same of the opposite sex. LOLOLOL

  6. I agree with you. I can imagine that it would be awkward for you at first. If it bothers you that he is talkng these nude photos you can always make yourself feel better buy taking some great shots yourself. Take your camera downtown at lunch time -- men in suits and loafers... now that is art. Lol. Have a great Thursday.

  7. I was an art major and had an entire class of Human Figure Drawing - nude models both men and women. It did feel kind of weird at first, but then I quickly got used to it and became engrossed in the wonder of drawing the human form. The human body is truly fascinating. I didn't realize photography classes used nude models too, but I guess it makes sense. Photography is an art form just like drawing. I guess the question would be - do they use both male and female nude models? I hope so!

  8. Photography captures art in all forms. When my MIL died, one of her dear friends came to pay her respects. We got to talking and she told me WHAT she did for a living. She was a NUDE model for an art class at the local university. She was 77. So I say, let's see what your husband can do taking photos of a MATURE woman with MORE character.

  9. I agree with everyone else--in tis case, it's art. But, as someone who just finished a photography class, I have to say I am glad my lessons didn't include nude models. I think it would have been a little weird. Besides, I am more interested in learning how to capture moving toddlers!

  10. I think this particular photograph is beautiful. As one of your other comments mentioned, 'it's about what you're accustomed to seeing'. We are all about covering ourselves. If the entire population was nude all the time,(wow, that's mental image for the ages) we would not be uncomfortable see this nude photograph or any other.


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