Thursday, April 12, 2012

Minute Men

Since Brandon was 7 years old he has played hockey.  When he was 9 he joined the Valley Forge Colonial team and has played for them since.  Last week Brandon tried out for the Minute Men ice hockey team.  The Colonials is a Tier 2 team and Minute Men are a Tier 1 team.

  • Explanation for those who don't know what that means in the hockey world.
    • Tier 1 is the highest level of play, followed by Tier 2, then in-house clubs.
    • Tier 1 teams are generally more competitive and play at a higher level.
    • Tier 1 travels outside the geographic area.
    • Tier 1 is a huge commitment of time and the money is more significant.
We did not want Brandon to join a Tier 1 team during his younger years.  We wanted him to play to have fun, gain a love for the game and enjoy childhood.  Our philosophy is that there would be plenty of time for intense competitive sports in the teenage years and we did not want to make sure Brandon was burned out before then. This philosophy worked for Brandon so far.  

Okay, back to the tryouts… 
Brandon got injured the first night of tryouts.  He sprained his shoulder and couldn't play hockey for a week.  We were all bummed that his first attempt at Tier 1 did not work out.

Today I got a call from the Minute Men.  They want Brandon to skate at the first practice this Saturday because there is a spot open for a defenseman.


I am crossing my finger for him and will be on pins and needles until Saturday.  If he makes the team I will be happy for Brandon.  If he does not make the team I must remind my son that at the end of the day its not the best hockey players that play at the highest levels of the sport, its the best athletes that decide to play hockey.


9 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Is his shoulder ok now?
    I hope he does good!
    Wish him luck for me!

    1. Shoulder still hurts a bit, but it is better. And I certainly hope he does NOT break a leg. LOL

  2. You can be proud of your son! Good luck to him!

    1. Thank you Regula. I am very proud of him.

  3. Wtg Brandon! !!! Go kick some butt on the ice!

  4. The Minute Men did not call everyone who tried out...says something about your "team". Good Luck Brandon--- you're the man!


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