Monday, April 15, 2013

Extreme Couponing

I'm sure you are familiar with the term "Extreme Couponing".  It's all over the internet and now there are a few TV shows on TLC dedicated to it.  Extreme couponing is an attempt to save as much money as possible while accumulating the most groceries.

My son, Brandon is addicted to these Extreme Couponing shows and has decided that we need to try it.
For the last week he has been printing out on-line coupons and helped me clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper.  Then he compared them to the grocery store circulars to see where he could find the best deals.

We ended up going to four stores that are relatively close to one another.
After each purchase, Brandon checked his list to make sure the sales price and coupon price was deducted correctly from the receipt.
First stop was Target.  We purchased 2 Tide laundry detergents.  Target had them on sale for $11.99 each.  We had a Target coupon and manufacture coupon for at total of $3.00.  In addition, Target was giving a $5.00 gift card promotion when purchasing these items.  
Original pre-sale cost: $25.98
 Our cost: $15.98
Saving of $10.00
Next stop was Petco.
We purchased 4 bags of Natural Choice cat food. (one 15.5lb, one 7lb. and two 3.5lb.)
The 15.5lb bag was originally $35.49 but they had it on clearance for $17.00.
The 7lb. bag was originally $22.99 and it was on clearance for $16.09.
The two 3.5lb bags were not on sale and cost $11.99 each.
Petco was having a promotion for $3.00 off Natural Choice cat food.
I also had four $2.00 coupons.
To top it off I had a $5.00 Pet-pal rewards coupon.
Original pre-sale cost: $82.46
Our cost: $41.07
Savings of $41.39
Weis Supermarket was having a sale on Zest Body Wash, Gain scent booster and Era laundry detergent.
Zest Body Wash original price $2.89. 
Gain Scent Booster original price $6.69.
Era laundry detergent original price $4.39
After coupons we ended up paying $1.00 for each Zest Body Wash!
Original pre-sale cost $33.72
Our cost $16.92
Savings of $16.80
Giant Supermarket is where we bought the most.
Pepsi, Cheerios, Red Baron Pizza, Campbells soups, Lysol wipes, and a few other things.
Original pre-sale cost $83.56
Our cost $56.93
Savings of $26.63
 Total Original pre-sale cost $225.72
Total cost we paid $130.90
Savings of $94.82

Please note: I only purchased items that I use and we had coupons for.

We didn't do as well as those folks on the TV shows.  I can't figure out how they can get an entire grocery cart full of food for only a few dollars.  

I am not complaining though.  Saving almost $95.00 is making me very happy!

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  1. That's great savings! I think the people on those shows go way overboard though, because they don't buy stuff they were planning to buy anyway. I mean, do they really need a garage full of orange soda? lol

  2. I used to do extreme couponing years ago. It takes dedication. You're off to a good start.

  3. I did that for awhile, but its a LOT to keep up with, isnt it? Between checking different stores, GOING to each store, it wears me out.
    They do it because they have like 100 coupons for the same item &buy 100 of those items... Its not like REAL shopping. You cant live off of 500 rolls of paper towel & 100 boxes of jello. Its all about a stock pile... which I dont have room for.
    But you still did great at saving! If I remember a coupon & save a dollar, I'm happy :)

  4. Looks like a fun shopping trip! The one thing about those shows is that they never mention where they get the 100 coupons for each item - I am guessing they are buying them from somewhere, which means they aren't "saving" as much as it looks like.

  5. you guys did so well! so sweet that your son wanted to try couponing with you. you're a lucky mama! l love watching that are right, i don't know how they come away with spending next to nothing!
    hope you're having a great day! xoxox

  6. They buy shit they dont need or use and in mass quantities. You did GREAT considering you bought what you wnated and needed!


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