Sunday, May 19, 2013

Senior Prom

Zachary has always been quiet, reserved and one who kept to himself.
It came as a surprise to me when he said he was going to his Senior Prom.
Getting dates, dress color and other details was like pulling teeth.
It really is frustrating raising a teenage boy!
Two weeks before the prom, Zachary finally brings home a swatch of his dates dress. We went to get a tux and match the vest / tie to her dress.  Let me tell you, lime green is hard to match up!
When Zach and I stopped to get flowers, I asked him what type he would like to get his date.  
He said "I don't know Mom, you pick them out."  
He was nervous to put the wristlet onto Olivia's wrist.
But he did just fine.
Zach and Olivia went to the prom with another couple.
I loved the colors of their dresses.
Zach even 'smirked' a bit.  It's probably as close to a smile as I could get.
Zach had a good time, even danced!  
Perhaps my introvert son has emerged from his shell.

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  1. I love the dresses too! I'm glad he went - I didn't go to prom at all and I've always wished I had.

  2. Oh that is so sweet! I love that he went to prom - it's definitely a memory I pull up every once in awhile. Gorgeous dresses and yikes I didn't even think of the boy side and matching tuxes. I have no idea what my date did anymore. Although I think we did go find him a matching peach tux - poor guy!

    Her hair is gorgeous too, btw. I'm jealous.

  3. Awe I love this! He looks so handsome! And the girls dresses are so pretty!

  4. I love that green! Handsome boy!

  5. He looks so handsome and what a cute couple. Hope he had fun!

  6. Proms are always special, even for the boys, though sometimes they reluctantly go.

  7. He did have fun. I can't believe he got on the dance floor! =)

  8. My prom dress looked like Scarlett O'Hara. LOL Girls prom dresses have come a long way!!

  9. I went to 4 proms. My mom must have fainted at the cost!!

  10. Great pics! :) glad he had fun.

  11. aww, your son looks so handsome and his date is so pretty! glad he went and had a great time! <3
    hope you're having a wonderful week, tami! xoxox


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