Tuesday, October 22, 2013

He made Captain!

Brandon made Captain of both teams he plays for. His travel team (Valley Forge Colonials) and his high school team (Daniel Boone Blazers).
I am so very proud of Brandon and all the hard work he has done to earn the Captain status.

One problem.  I ironed the C on the wrong side of the jersey.
This is a major catastrophe in the hockey world!
I was able to fix the C on the blue jersey with no problem.
The white jersey was another issue. 
When I peeled the C off the jersey it left a blue outline of the letter.
For one week I tried so many different products to remove the dye, 
it's a wonder the jersey hasn't fallen apart. 

Products I tried:  bleach, Rit, white sharpie marker, white out, and paint.
I tried printing out a white square on transfer paper.  Nope, didn't work.
I took it to the dry cleaner and was told there was nothing they could do.
Any other ideas?
The travel team Brandon plays for developed a new website.  
I was pleasantly surprised to see Brandon's picture on the left bottom corner on the home page.
Cool!!! Right?!?!

Brandon's travel team spent a weekend near Washington DC to participate in a tournament.
They didn't do well in the tournament. 
We were thinking of sight seeing the Capitol, but it was the week the government was shut down.

Brandon spent some time in the penalty box 
(that's his Dad, in the grey sweatshirt, manning the box).
I did not agree with the referee.  He said the penalty was for Interference.
I think the penalty should have been "the dude was in my face, so I dropped him".
The tournament wasn't all bad.  The boys had fun off the ice.
And I did get this really cool 'hockey mom' shirt!

His team is back practicing and getting ready for the next tournament in February.


6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. WOW Way to Go Brandon!!! Way to go Mom too!! You totally get credit there too!! oh no on the jersey mistake!!! :-/ that stinks! NO ideas here :( Have to say, that is the most awesome hockey mom shirt ever. AH yay for good memories and moments like these!

  2. Way to go Captain!
    Way to go Captain!
    (see - twice - ha!)
    white chalk? because the kids drew white chalk on my blue carpet -- and I can't get it out.
    *shaking fist at ref in solidarity*
    good luck in the next tournament!

  3. CAPTAIN!!!! That's just too cool! That's what the C stands for :)


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