Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ocean Waves

Brandon and his friend, Frank went swimming in the ocean.
They were having a great time playing in the waves.
The waves were rough that day and I told the boys to be careful.
Then a huge wave came crashing down!

 I think the waves won!

Footnote: The boys were fine and went back for more.

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  1. these photos are awesome, tami! i'm so glad you're all having a great time!! we were just at brigantine beach a couple weeks ago! we are so close!
    hope your vacation is relaxing and sweet one. <3

  2. I love playing in ocean waves...makes me feel like a kid all over, again!

  3. crashing waves are fun as long as there are rocks/reefs nearby. Also the rip tide can be dangerous. Being careful and having fun can go together well. I don't close enough to an ocean to enjoy them much. Wave action allows nature to give you a free ride.

  4. Really cool photos! The ocean scares me. Maybe if I'd grown up near it I would feel different. It's beautiful though!

  5. No rocks or reefs here. The rip tide was bad one day and the life guards wouldn't let any swimmers go out too far. We are lucky to live only 3 hours away from the beach.

  6. I'm not as brave as the boys. I will only go waist deep. =) We've been taking the boys once a year since they were babies. Our family is spoiled and live inbetween the ocean and mountains. The best of both worlds.

  7. HA! Yes, I think the wave definitely got the best of them. So much fun. My kids go crazy whenever a motorboat passes by our local beach -- then they just line up waiting for the waves. which are so tiny -- I can't imagine what they would think of an actual Ocean Wave!

    Nice shots!


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